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Drivers Door not unlocking the others.

I have a strange one here.

The usual. You press your key fob to unlock the doors and if you don't open them within a time frame it automatically locks up as everyone knows. However my drivers door doesn't seem to be recognised as opened when i open it. So when i open the car, get in close the door etc the doors will still auto lock thinking that no one has opened anything up.

The passenger door and boot are fine, once i open them the doors stay unlocked. Kind of annoying when i got in my car the other day, put my keys down, got back out and a few seconds later my keys were locked in the car! :eek:

Also, when the auto lock comes on after driving and i come to get out of the car and open the drivers door the other locks don't unlock, so when i close my drivers door it is still locked and so are the others, when pressing my key fob i have to look as the first time i press it it actually unlocks the car after getting out then i have to press it to lock it again.

I have had the drives door panel off, i don't know what i am looking for but everything looked in place wire wise.

Any ideas?
Could only think the door switch needs replacing.

Check this by opening drivers door and if the interior light doesn't light up that'd be a start.

It is a black protruding rubber switch. Should be able to see it in that pic.
Its only a thought may or may not fix it. :)


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