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Driving to south(ish) Spain for 3 weeks....

Well in 7 hours & im driving to south(ish) Spain for 3 weeks, about 4000km all in. (mk1 172 x-plate)

Anybody care to place a bet how far i get before something goes tits up?????
  Clio Dci 86

Why should anything go tits up?...your in a Renault not a TVR!...Id have thought a 172 should make for some fun in the sun!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I did the same in a Uno Turbo a few years ago. No problems but costs a lot in fuel - you end up wishing youd gone easyJet!

i went on a tour of france italy and spain a month ago and the only troubel i had was when a spark lead melted in a traffic jam

Why should anything go wrong?

The vast majority of 172s are fine, we are but a tiny minority of 172 owners so when we get a few problems it seems that every other 172 has a problem. The fact is we probably push the cars more than most so some problems may arise!

Go have some fun!

Well fingers crossed nothings going wrong - but put it this way:

12k service - £550

24k service - £820

THis cars a money pit....


  Shiny red R32

rjs1000, you must be M A D if you intend paying anyone that sort of money for servicing. That cant be right.

Mostly parts and includes a 10% discount...

Im not mad - well i am mad, at renault...

New a/c condenser, new rear shocks(!)....

I try to blank what else needed doing out of my mind

Anyway - cya im off - if the wife can get ready in time...