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Dude, where are my tyres

  VW Potato

gave the Puppy a really good wash yesterday...scrubbed up nice for a tiddler. Checked my front tyres and sh*t the bed!...theyre down to the legal limit! Ive only done 9k! I dont boi-racer it (no wheelspinning, although lately its been getting a lot frisker and spins its wheels in second and third in the wet)...i dont even drive that far (four miles here, four miles back). So whats happned to my front tyres? I check the pressures regularly and I dont think i have any tracking problems (even wear all round). Hmmmm, maybe at night it nibbles on its tyres?


Where are your tyres dude?

Mine are the same and i have a miserly 75 brake. Im afraid the tyres dont seem that great and even if youre being a good boy its a big powered FWD, inevitable..



**toms best southern italy accent on**

wassa matter you hey!!

gotta front wheel drive hey!!

ita like a tyres!!

but itsa very nice!

shudupa ya face!!

**toms best southern italy accent off**

;) - Never gets old :D
  VW Potato

tom, ya maddo, lol! :D

yeah, I guess wears a factor, but so much wear? Ive been good guv, honest, which is why Im surprised its gobbled them up so soon.

Oh well, next month itll be tax, tyres and at some point, service numero uno. Ching ching!! Times like this it would be nice to find that tree that money grows on :)



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  E90 LCI 330d

Quote: Originally posted by BobRTE on 03 March 2003

From the above pic, id say yer tracking definately needs attention!
Yup... I didnt realise it was that bad.

Front near side (passenger) one that by the way, so gets all the hammer on roundabouts, but still worn more than it should, other side aint as bad.

Get the tracking done at the same time as the tyres.

  VW Potato

When i had Golf GTi number 2, I had a set of Yokohamas. Those were the days before I became a responsible motorist, and I got 9k out of the Yokos...but at least I was enjoying them rather than pottering about like I do now! :D