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EBC Green stuff pads

  CTR EK9 turbo

I was told these are really good and the way to run them in is to: really thrash them and stand on them in the first 50-60 miles, almost locking the wheels etc. and dont bed them in like normal pads, then they should be really good (bite well later) apparently. Anyone had any experience.

I took em easy for 500 miles like I was told. After bout 3000 the braking effect started wearing off. Ive now done 4600 on them, and theyre almost completely worn and I havent used them on track days or anything hard. Im well disappointed with them. It currently takes ages to stop now, so Ive ordered some Tar-Ox pads now instead.
Hope you have luck with them!

Oh, and I had EBC grooved discs with them too.