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Electric window switch help!!


ClioSport Moderator
If anyone happens to have their door cards off at the moment or have had them off recently could you answer me this simple question....

Which of these 6 pins does the live/earth (or positive/negative i dont know) go to?

It should be easily identifiable as there are two wires that run to the switch that are considerably thicker than the others....

This is the switch:




Reason behind this is that my clio being old and crap has the wrong connector for the switch, so I need to know where the wires go to make it work....



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ClioSport Moderator
None of the switches fit mate, its just my car being a half breed of random parts renault found lying around. I just need to know which pins the two bigger "power" wires are attatched to.

Daniel, they're not slippers, just black plimsoles and a blurry photo.

I'm 21 years young :)


ClioSport Moderator
Aluco, if it's not too much to ask, as you've got a ph1 an chance you could un-do your drivers handle and just take a few pics of where the switches connect to the loom? Just making sure I can see what way around the switch is. If you could that'd be awesome.
  Iceberg Ph1
Hey again mate.. How'd the interview go.. Anyways I had mine out a few weeks ago to spray the grabs up, So I took mine out again for you this morning in the freezing rain just to help you out :rasp:

No problem mind, I'm bored as it is lol..

This pic below.. Is the drivers window switch/wiring. This will not be any good for you, the wires are totally different to the other switch wiring in my car because of the one up - one down window mechanism.. Show you anyways..


and again..


So as you see.. Nothing useful at all! So I used the passenger control (from my drivers side) this probably will be of more use!


Seeing as I had my voltmeter in the glove box I went one step further.. Haha.. This should help you mate..


Going by this.. Pin 3 and 5 power the up and down motion of the switch.. When you press to make the window go down it uses Pin 2 (connected to the window motor I THINK) and the power from Pin 3 to get the window down.. and Pin 6 (to the motor also I THINK) and the power from Pin 5 to get the window to come back up.. There is no flucuation of voltage on the 2 yellow wires so these have a steady 12v supply going to this.. Pin 2 and 6 have a steady 12v supply until you either press up or down on the switch (have labelled which ones cut out on the piccy above when you perform a certain switching) Hopefully this helps, and I ain't made it way to complex now with what I just wrote..

Not sure if the switches in your Ph1 have illumination? but its Pin 1 if you fancy a bit of light on the switch :rasp:

Let us know how you get on mate.

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  Iceberg Ph1
I tried to upload another picture, but it was pointless haha.. Just ignore this post!!!!!!!!
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ClioSport Moderator
Wow thanks mate, that's pretty helpful, as you seem
to know your stuff any chace I could drive to you and enlist your assistance? Know it's a bot cheeky but I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for doing the pics!