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Electrical problem...wont start HELP!

We've got a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 28k miles which has developed an electrical problem, preventing it from starting. It started out being intermittent, every few weeks the engine warning lights (electrics and fumes lights) would come on and it would only start in limp mode. After a couple of restarts it seemed to cure itself and ran fine. It’s my girlfriends Clio and she’s just bought an MX5, so the Clio’s being standing for two or three weeks. We want to sell the car now but this problem has worsened to the point that it won’t start at all.

I’ve read so much about Clio electrical problems and have tried a few things to see if I can fix it. I’ve bought an OBD II code reader to read and clear the codes. In the first instance, I cleared the codes and it started straight after and ran fine for a 15min drive. When I came back to it later it wouldn’t start again and the warning lights were back on.

So far the error codes that have shown are: PO225 (seems to be the one that comes up the most), PO120 & PO220. I believe these are all to do with throttle position sensors????

Today I removed the inlet manifold and disconnected the throttle body to give it a good clean with carb cleaner (it wasn’t that dirty) and sprayed WD40 onto the connectors and refitted. I’ve also disconnected the pedal sensor wires and sprayed them and then cleared the codes.

This hasn’t made any difference, it still shows the warning light but no fault codes are stored??

When I try to start the car, it just turns over and wont fire up. Last week I could cure this by removing a lead from a spark plug and starting it on three cylinders….the car would start…I’d switch it off and refit the lead and it would start ok. It won’t do this now. I’ve checked for sparks and have had mixed results so I can’t make any assumptions from this.

I hope it’s just a sensor that’s packed in but I’m a bit stuck what to try next.

I’m in Sutton Coldfield, can anyone recommend a reliable place to take it?

Cheers for reading.

  172 & LCR
Sounds like Flywheel sensor or fuel pump relay loads of these motors in breakers yards both items will be easily found.
Hope this helps.
have you removed the metal ecu cover box, as it has a tendancy to chafe through the wiring loom and throw up all kinds of faults.
  CLIO172, BMW3, 3061.
I hear so many problems with the 1.2's I had one and the TDC Sensor would never let the f**king thing start. Love my 172 tho :)