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empty space needs filling....

  1.8 RSi MK1 Superchipped

ok, got hold of a nice 16v dash for my RSi, so just on the look out for the clocks that go in in th gap. but rather than go through all the wiering the bits up etc, just wondering if anyone has anythiong diffrent in this spot?

any pix?

actually I dont even know which clocks go in this spot! lol, someone sugested a lil rev and speedo so the people in the back/ passenger seat can see etc... but not sure if thats worth it!
  Not a Clio

the clocks that should go in are (from left to right)

oil level
oil temp
oil pressure

[Edited by _simon_ on 7/26/2005 4:06:57 PM]

The suggestion about a little rev and speedo is Ghey!!!
  1.8 RSi MK1 Superchipped

now that does look good... the double pod covering the air vent, Im sure I saw sumink like that on ebay? but how do you stop the air flow still comming through the vent from behind it? would they not just get heated up?

deffo some ideas to be thinking about there....

as for the lil revv and speedo? ghay indeed, but was the first idea i was given, so you se why i wanted more....
  clio 16v

i have *ahem* superglued the vent closed so that the heat wont damage the dials.
but yes the POD came off EBAY.