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Engine sounds like a bag of Bolts!!!

  Looking for a ph-quick...
On the way home i noticed my engine sounded like a bag of bolts!!! :( Not happy, just had the top end rebuilt so im ruling that out. My only thought is its the bottom end. Sorta of half way through the rev range there a really noticeable tapping, and when the car is stationary and you rev it as the revs come down you can really hear it.

Any thoughts?



Could be something as simple as alternator or waterpump. check them first then go into big end bearings, main bearings etc did you have new lifters when the top end was done or use old ones?
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Used the old lifters, as they where fine. Its not so much a knocking but when you drive past a wall with the window down it doesnt sound good!
  MK1 Clio 16v
Doesn't sound good Amir!

Hope it turns out to be something simple! I'm sure my bottom end is on it's way out as well.. gulp!

Perfect excuse to slam a Willy engine in there though!
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Theres plenty of oil in it, the lifters where tapping a bit not long ago, so i dropped some wynnes tappet treatment in, that cured them but seems to have developed something else. I'll change the oil see if that makes a diference.

Any other opinions please!