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Engine vibration after cleaning engine bay

  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Hiya fella's, right i just cleaned my engine bay, mk2Ph1 99 clio 1.2. Made sure i covered all the electrics with clingfilm (battery etc). I dident use a jetwash cause i dident want to get too much water in if i could help it, used some gunk degreaser, gave it a clean, washed it off, uncovered all the electric parts. Fired it up and got some proper vibration in low revs, i had to rev the engine to keep it going, as soon as i let the rev's down between 0-2000 the engine starts vibrating and looking like it wants to jump out the bay, and then it would cut out.

Any ideas?
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Yeah just checked, bit of moisture in the one spark plug, dryed it off as best i could. Still same problem though, im startin it every 10 minutes an letting it run for abit with my foot on the revs just over a 1000 try and warm the engine through, must be water somewhere, i dont want to let it freeze over night though cause it might crack something. Trust me to wash my engine on today of all days :(
  182cup & 172 racecar
It does sound like water in the plug wells,it only needs a small amount,once its in there it has nowhere to go not even evaporate,try to blow it out or use some kitchen roll.
  CBR1K, F21 125D
I would be looking at water ingress on the ECU aswell.

If it is in the engine bay as per the 1.4/1.6
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Ive had the engine running for 20 minutes just at low revs to heat it up, trying to evaporate it , sort of worked, not as vibraty anymore so i imagine it may have rid some of it, my dads coming round after work though, gunna pump warm air in with this machine he has from work and get it out that way, right palava..
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  Clio 172 Phase 1
I would probably say try soaking some up with kitchen roll as said, and maybe try spraying wd40 in and around the spark plugs?
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Problem fixed, dried up the water, took it out and it wasent pulling properly, got back, rechecked them, realised i hadent plugged one in lol All fine now though, ready to go into the garage tommorow for induction kit :)


ClioSport Club Member
Going to the garage for an induction kit? Jeez how much are you paying for that?
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Not induction kit sorry lol, anti roll bar linkages fixed. I will be havin induction kit done soon though, probably hit up k-tec
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Well this morning it was still doing the way, managed to get it down the garage though, let them sort it, i give up, must be water in something else.
  2003 Clio 172
wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many electrical bits n bobs under the bonnets of these to get wet

  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Replaced one of the spark plugs, might be abit of water in the coil pack, took it for a drive though and its fine as long as i dont put my foot down, ill give it a week and see whether heating the engine will evaporate any remaining moisture. Probably be best too seeing as i drive like a maniac so i guess im saving petrol. Cheers for peeps who contributed too