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Escort Cosworth

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Popped into Demon Tweeks today - lots of nice cars around - saw 2 willys on the way there. Driving out of Wrexham industrial estate I see a tricked-up Escort in the mirror. No worries I think, Ill bide my time until we get to the A525 and leave him for dead.

Only it wasnt quite like that. Once we got to a straight-ish bit there was a Discovery to overtake. I floored it in 3rd and thought I was doing ok - whizz past the Disco, just about to hit the limiter and this Escort comes past like Im standing still. Big tea-tray spoiler, badge on boot - COSWORTH. Ah well..

Caught him up in traffic a bit further along, then had a few more little teasers down the A41 before I turned off to Telford. Smiles and flashes all round.

Anyhow respect to you m8 if you pop into our forum. Those cars are awesome.
  CTR EK9 turbo

They certainly are quick, once modded....Before I took my car into have a new gear box, i had a tangle with one on the "long stretch of runway". On accelerating, it was me pushing him along - although i had to use all 7800 rpm (which is a definate advantage) and I just hung onto his back end in 4th gear which lasts forever. Anyway, he moved over - finally and dropped off his acceleration and i got past, he then went up my arse and was hanging there and getting a slight bit further away from me (according to my passenger), but when there were obstructions in front (planes taxiing) I would put mine into 3rd at around 80 mph and stretch that gear out to 100 mph and then cruch into 4th gear which also lasts for ever. This Escort Cosworth had a dump valve (heard him earlier) and large alloys (TSW imolas, or oz superturismos or something multispokes). It was N-reg and was black. Who ever it was, wasnt too pleased with my car being able to dual with him, so he undertook everyone in thicker traffic just to get past. (dick head) Just to prove he was stupid.