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Even more updated pics.... (56k)

  2008 Golf GTI Edition 30

is it just teh photos that make the bump strips look patchy?

I do like the RS logo at the back of them :)

"is it just teh photos that make the bump strips look patchy?"^^

they may need another coat mate ;)or is it the photos,(sorry if it is)!!
:oops: ;) ;)
im liking the insulation tape tho!!! ;)

[Edited by 2863 on 3/19/2005 7:17:01 PM];) ;)

oh, and i messed up on the laquer a bit, hence the patching.... :oops:

theyre getting professionally sprayed soon.
  Clio 197

Goood oiidearr! Different.:cool:

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Arent you supposed to be driving it?! :D
  Vee dub

Not sure about that Dan :oops:

I think the normal black strips look ok on the mk1

Good on ya for trying something original

Quote: Originally posted by fUbAr on 19 March 2005

how much have people paid to get them done properly at a bodyshop?
Cost me £60 and got them done at a Lexus garage that way right by my work :)