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Exhaust Help!!

I have got a Powerflow exhaust on my MK2 PH1 clio, i had it lowered the other day and today i didnt realise the size of a speed hump and i caught it on the way down breaking the rubber mount closest to the rear bumper that holds the exhaust on.

anyway i am not sure weather the rubber mount is a original Renault part or if its a Powerflows part.

It looks as if the rubber mount slides onto a metal plate welded onto the underneath of the car

if any one knows what i mean please help :(

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Guess it will be a renault mount. Powerflow just go by whats under the car and use existing mounts. They did on my old car anyway.
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I fitted a Bosal rear exhaust section to my car. Bosal also sold the mounting that for my car consists of a metal mounting that bolts onto the chassis with a rubber insert that the exhaust mount bolts/slides onto. The mounting cost about £6
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Is it the rubber that has broken or the metal mount? eitherway wont cost alot from renault. Could try halfrauds for the rubber aswell?


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Stu_c said:
It looks like a square rubber mount that slides onto a metal bracket. :)

Sounds like the orginal mount to me . Mine was the same on my 172 , but i had to cut mine off when the back box was banging on the ground , lol . Powerflow just made me a new mount and welded it to the car then hung the new exhaust on that . Perfect fit :)
i havent had any problems with it i have had it on 4 over 2 years ill buy a rubber mount see if it works if not ill pop it back to them.. any ideas where might stock the mounts?