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Exhaust query/Advice

  Clio sport 172, 2002
Hiya One and all.
Im new to all this, and new to owning a clio sport, I have a black 172, previously owned I do believe by someone in Bristol, who is a member on this forum.
I've just had a scorpion full catback exhaust fitted, and the rear bracket was caput.
The guy who stuck the exhaust on put on a new bracket, on seeing the car I asked him if I could raise the exhaust at a later date to hide half into the bumper.
He told me No, due to the new bracket, I have about 4/5 inches of clearance till the exhaust touches the underside of the car.
My plea for advice is this..... How do I raise it higher, and does anyone have any different brackets, other than the standard that comes with the car.
I just want to be able to raise the exhaust 2/3 inches.
[/IMG] Ps, this is my car.
[/IMG]. Thanks, hope the pics are ok as a format and im not asking this in the wrong place. Be gentle


I think with all 172's there is a bit of a gap underneath them.... my brother has a 172 and has had the same exhaust too and his is exactly the same!! i wouldn't no if there's some sort of way that it could be welded higher on not!! but to be honest it would be pretty pointless!!

If it bothers you that much, i'm sure someone on here will come up with a solution :)

Welcome to CS btw :)
  Clio sport 172, 2002
Many thanks for the swift response, and thanks for the welcome, I only asked, because I kind of agree with previous thread opinions ive seen on other cars with the same problem.
Hidden looks far better, or at least partially hidden.
I'll keep checking for any replies that might shed light on it.
  Focus Tit Est & R26
from looking at your photos, what the exhaust guy is getting at is that the backbox will hit the exhaust bracket if you raise it any higher. it already looks quite close
i cant see a way round it unless you find a different type of bracket and have a new hanging arm welded to the back box
  Evo 8 MR
To get it to sit at the highest point inside the hanger you can use the socket method.

It involves removing the hanger, pushing a socket in either side of the rubber, cable tieing the sockets in place and then re-fitting.
  Clio sport 172, 2002
Cheers Steve, I'll consider that, just thought i'd throw it out into the CS ether, before I have a fiddle, so to speak.