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Exhaust too loud!

  Clio 182. Focus ST l
Hi, looking for some advice and possibly exhausts for sale.
I've just bought a clio 182 with a scorpion single silencer non resonated exhaust, also with a decat and it's well too loud, deafening. So considering my options -adding in a silencer on the straight part of the pipe and / or replacing cat, or sourcing a second hand standard exhaust if i can find one in a fair enough condition. Any thoughts or recommendations ? and also are there any exhausts for sale?



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Putting a Cat back on makes quite a bit difference TBF. You can get an aftermarket cat for 182 on ebay for £62, which is also good for mot time. If still too noisey you could get a silenced center section for that system you have or get a silencer welded in.

I would definitely try a cat first.