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Fake v6 nope its a 1.2 !

Well guys, Ive just parked in my normal car park, next to a Black s reg clio, wheel trims, RN door strip badge on one side, 1.2 badge on the other, but on the back was the worst, and V6 badge under clio! and then a red R badge down and to the right of that!

Oh dear

I think I may go and move my car away from it......



Then you would look well sad mate!

People would say...

"Oh my god what a sad bloke, look at the body kit he put on that crappy 1.2... Must have cost more than the car!!!"


Only a quick race from the lights would make u feel better!




b4 i start an argument or cause offence, i know the 1.2 is a good car and for its sixe does actually move.

  Clio v6

When I had a 1.2 loan car my first words where " Wow this is actually quite nippy"

Stuck in a traffic jam its just as quick as any other motor.

THis is a clio website, for clio enthusiasts, regardless of the model. We are all here for the same reasons, the love for ALL clios!!!!
But it seems to me that the 172 guys just cant stop givin the lower models stick.
Smug ar$e t***s!!!

I would love to wipe those smuggish smiles off yer faces and show you what the non-172 clios can do... trust me...youll all be suprised! especially my now-chipped and fully-zorsted 1.4 16v!!!!
...and with my car now back on 15s, Ill give you 172s out there every inch of wot I got...

there is some guy on the other end of 2slow4himself laughing his ass off that we fell for his crap......

whio the hell would write so much utter crap unless it was for a laugh....hes probably from a saxo forum.

however, saying that.......i still think you a tit......give DD your car as you dont deserve it....ive got a real nice pedal kart i can give you....i think youll be able to keep up with astra turbos in that....its got slicks!!!!


  182 Arctic Blue

I have a red and yellow pedal bike in the loft from when I was six its very low to the ground nice 3 inch plastic wheels for the all important acceleration and just about enough room for a portable radio on the back to bash out the tunes. low mileage - nice cruising vehicle. make me an offer

Oh, 2slow!
here are a few cars i like to take out when the 1.4 gets a bit too crazy for me...i need to relax once in a while.

Oh, the V6..yeah, its my company you say!? not mine....SO?

as for the GT1 And GT2....have i driven them?...yes, are they fast? yes, but not as fast as the $ door 1.4 16V we have in stock!!!.jpg?bcrHaX9AwClYAidj">

i wish i had a 1.4!
  CTR EK9 turbo

twofast - I have a courtesy lesser model and all I have to say is: "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Id just like to say much respect to Dash for acknowledging that the 1.2 16v is a reasonably nippy car. Any accusations of 172 smugness would clearly not apply to V6 owners in my book! Unfortunately the cause of the aforementioned smugness is partly self-inflicted, or at least invited, by 2fast4u and others who make silly claims about their cars. The way I see it, obviously the 1.2s in a different category from 172s etc. and it would be ridiculous to claim to be able to beat or even come anywhere near touching the performance of a car such as this. But in the sub £10k price band, and for running about town, I quite like my car. I find it a reasonably brisk little motor, it cruises quite well on m-way, and even for b-roads and twisties it handles quite well for a car thats not been designed with performance in mind. Im disappointed to read a couple of posts, mainly by a minority of 172 owners, such as Simon, as they seem to berate vehicles of a lesser calibre than his obvious beast of a car. Im sure in a different forum (Skyline or RX7 owners, for example) he might find a similar attitude being directed towards himself. But this is par for course as those are £50 grand sports cars. And please dont take that as an insult to 172 owners, its a great car which I myself hope to own one of in a couple of years time. But Id prefer to feel welcome on this forum as an owner of a vehicle called a Clio Sport, and not like the subject of ridicule for 172 owners.

twofast4u - wake up and smell the coffie m8 u dont have a chance for the simple reason i have a fast car but i know my limitations dont kid ure self
  BMW 320d Sport

spot on iceman.

Im quicker than the lot of you but I dont go on about it do I? Ooops I just did...

oh well, anyway the point is I used to have a 1.4 RT and I thought it was well nippy off the lights etc. OK in a mash the pedal at 100 kind of race on the motorway it wasnt much good but so what - I caned it about town and it was a hell of a lot better at handbrake turns than my 16v ever will be!

Dash is right, whats the point of having a fast car when youre stuck in traffic all day?