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False floors advice

  6/468 17poo

whats the best way to make a false floor in a mk1 clio, i need to mount a sub (already in a box only 10") and an amp i have drawn some ideas but whats the best way???

Cheers people, Ryan

I just got some mdf (2 lots of 550 by 720mm, 18mm thick stuff) which fitted in almost perfectly when the ends were cut to fit to the curves of the boot where the catch is (use the carpet as a template). Then just screwed into the bottom of the box through the mdf.

I imagine if you wanted to mount an amp underneath it then youd have to raise if at the front and back with some blocks of 1x1inch proper wood!
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if u wanna rais ethe floor u need alot bigger than 1x1 mate.depending on the amp u got ud prob need at least 3x2. i have done loads of installs with false fllors if u want some advice mate pm me
  6/468 17poo

i thought about cutting around the sub box instead of drilling it to the mdf, or is this a bad idea?

if anyones got any pictures i would be very thankful!Ryan