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FAO 172’s with coilovers!

  Suzuki SV1000S

I thought about these but was told that they werent worth it, do a search through previous posts. If you got the money though, would go for em mate TBH. Makes a big difference with new springs though

Have done a search and read most of them but didnt see any pics

I need new dampers too cause rears are shagged and for £430 odd quid these coilovers are the same price as uprated shox n springs.

We have the moneyand am gonna order tomorrow i think:D

Anyone know what they lower by Front n back? Is the ride harsh?
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Coilovers = as low as u want and as harsh/soft as you want, thats the beauty altho u are limited to the spring choice.

If its for Road use get the softer springs IMO.

Well i was reading in earlier threads bout the Gaz ones being a harsh ride, have they sorted that now?