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Mate - u wouldnt mind posting some pice of your cup with the seats in it? Want to see what they look like as considering that as my fikrst mod!




perfect mate just perfect

well done indeed

But i do have a few questions

how did you refit the pretentensioner (spelling)
how did you manage to keep the airbag wiring?
where do i get some?



rob dont be silly

i know it has no side airbags

im talking about the pressure sensors for the driver/passenger airbags

I had to rip apart the bottom of the sh*te R seats and pull the complete loom out. This way the car thinks that the OE seats are still there as the circuit is completed. So I not do get an airbag/service light on in the car.

Re the pretentioners, I took them completely out and replaced them back into the seatbelt circuit in the new seats, i.e. seat belt is attached with pretentioner onto the new seat. You need specific tools for this one though.

It took me 1.5 hours complete job for both seats includiung building onto the subframes. Next time it would take me 45 mins as I know what im doing so you guys could do the same, but you need proper ramps as the seat bolts are upside down and only accesed via rubber plugs on the underside of the car. Tricky job to do and you need 2 people to do it.


Not really when you consider the safety aspects of ensuring seats are safely secured into the car, youd worry if the job took 5 minutes!!!