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FAO all new cup owners

  Nissan R35 GT-R

I got my cup back in September. It has orange side repeaters.

My mate has just got an 03 reg Cup and he has clear side repeaters.

How cheated do I feel - LOL!

Anyone else have clear side repeaters as standard?

All 03 model Clios (not just cup) have them. I fitted my clears a week before the 03 models came out, i felt even more cheated


  Shiny red R32

Maybe they will recall them all to replace them with clear side repeaters!!


My cup has clear side repeaters. I think the noise the indicators make on the dashboard is a bit iffy though? Mine is nearly a week old and Ive already done 800 miles! Nearly run in I it to bits

what are u all on about - the side repeaters on the front wings are orange - our dealers has just got another batch in and they are orange - u have to change them to clear............
  Abarth 500

All now definately clear...

My cup is an 03 with clear repeaters, as is my mates 03 1.2 16V (Sales exec @ our local Renault garage company car).

Not sure where your local dealer is buying their cars from cupsize?!!?
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Ive heard they are £40.00 from Renault. My mate order some and then his Cup turned up with them on anyway. Result!

They are around £38 - mine came with the orange ones and I ordered a set from Renault, who initially denied all knowledge. So I got a part number and made the guy look it up on his parts computer, and lo and behold they are available...