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FAO Anyone having fitting problems with a mild steel stealth.

  coiled 'berg
bought a mild steel cat back stealth when my OEM went to s**t.
took me 7 saturday mornings of crawling under the car trying to get it to sit tidy without banging:dapprove:

everytime i adjusted it, it kept knocking on the axle or body work by the bumper, i managed to melt the centre mount (which was new:mad:) and was getting ready to self harm.

then it came to me..........

I CUT 1 1/2" OFF THE REAR END OF THE CENTRE SECTION!! with my angle grinder.

now it sits where it should sit - you cant see the pipe, it doesnt knock and bang under acceleration and sounds nice and quiet. with perfect clearance where it should be.

Surely i'm not the only one to experience such problems, and hopefully someone will find this info handy in the future!