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  mk2 172

"so a gain of 75hp from a reworked air box and ecu mapping. PMSL. I bet that car idles at 3000rpm"

one of the replies:D

you still online ben???

anyone else feel free to comment, i know teady 172 was argueing with him last nite



chicken paw is only for dim sum....LOL

anyway. what he says is balls.

Of course the capability for 240 bhp is there easy...........but not that easy.

Henry Lee Jr. here in HK races a focus At Zhu Hai and its super production regs. Which basically means no seqential and std inlet setup i.e. one TB.

now, hes getting about 240bhp at 8500-9000rpm, but serious owrk to teh bottom end has gone in to prevent it flinging itself its not THAT good. CR has been raised to teh 11:1 limit, lift is limited to 11 or 12mm i think, there are special Ford motorsport cams, the inlet manifol is carbon fibre so thin walls instead of alloy thicker ones, larger plenham volume. the head is ported and the valves are std diameter. But its got all sorts of leccy trickery and double springs, etc etc.

a chip and an air filter..shesh.....the VAG 20V turbo only just manages that!


at least he found a place hes happy..........high on the paint fumes yes, but happy.......