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FAO- Capt.......theory ques.

reading about the gas turbines, i also got interested in the pulsejet engines, although they dont sound as cool as a full on turbine!!!

man, its a bit more complex than your description!!!
i dont know if i could spend that much time on it!!

Anyway, the extra energy created by detonation usually destroys a motor.
But since this burns flamre font travels at a super-sonic speed, rather than the deflagrations sub-sonic flame front. So if you think about it, the entire mixture is burning as the piston is till at TDC under high compression and wasting energy igniting the mixture as would be with deflagrations need for ignition advance.

SO, there is less energy wasted more converted into motion or kenetic energy. So if you can harness this power of detonation, you could effectively get perhaps twice to three times the power out of the same mixture @ the same volume. Just need to make a really stong motor. With as little joining faces (head, sump & crank) so there are less weak places for teh motor to blow itself apart.

maybe you could do this next week?


the difference is the detonation is that.. DETONATION - almost instand conversion of energy..
as opposed to the steady , controlled burn used normally...

if.. you can design a system to hold it together, and tame it.. then great

but I think it would weigh about the same as a small suburban bungalow and need ceramics or alloys that havent been invented yet..

but otherwise, kewl lol


just a thought..

8bar of boost from a turbo is about equivelent to a knock event detonation..

so.. when you get the ceramics etc..

I might plan on running a higher boost..

the calculations show that I can have 1650 BHP... lol..

and... use 135 gallons of fuel an hour...



i know its pretty unfeasable. But think of the power you could get out of a 1L!!

and keeping the lot cool with such a think block would be hard, you would probably get hot spots as a water jacket just couldnt work.

well, and valves would keep flying though your bonnet!

That guy with the jet kart is nuts! he keeps injuring himself!