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FAO chris172

Hey mate,

I think you were near me when going round Brands Hatch (next to me I think at some points), and I noticed you had a camcorder in your headrest. Is it digital? Would it be possible for you too send me that video as Im pretty sure you can see my car on it.

If you could e-mail me that would be fantastic.">

Thanks loads,

Daz. (Blue Clio, I saw you on the way down, on the M1 :))
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I have the video but....DOH! the head rest was on the microphone so the sound was a bit muffled!!! Its not too bad so if you want a copy thats no problem. It is digital but I have no way of getting it into a PC at the moment....working on that tho. I could put it on tape as analogue if you want. PM me your address and ill send you a copy.....

Ah cool. Well to save postage and stuff, I could always collect it from you somewhere.. You aint too far away from me.

Would be great to get it on tape - My camcorder batteries were flat, so didnt get a chance to get it up and running.

Can you see my car on the video at all?

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I live close to Northampton. Not sure where you are.

I can post it or if you can wait I should be able to burn it on cd by the time the Rolling Road days come round.

Hehehehe!!! More gadgets Geoff!!!