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*** FAO Clifford experts

  "Navy" N17 TWO

I have Clifford concept 650 installed with prox sensor/remote headlights

If alarm is in-active for a certain period I cannot turn my headlights on by remote. Can this period be tweaked?

If the proximity sensor gives a "warning shot", should it somehow let you know when you disarm the alarm?

Is the auto-window closure feature any good?


ClioSport Club Member

i had the exterior proximety on my rt and it never let me know when i disarmed the car, the only warning was the three cherps when someone/something got close to it

If your alarm is set off it will give you 3 chirps to tell you when you de-arm it. If you then look at the blue flashing light inside it will flash in sequences of anything from 1 flash to 10 flashes (a long pause indicates the end of the flashes) to tell you why it went off. Theres a list in the handbook telling what each one is.

If you have a Cliffnet Data Cable and the Cliffnet Wizard programme you can tweak most things. Headlights, Auto door lock (and timing of) etc...
  "Navy" N17 TWO

Freebone - its a great alarm isnt it?

thanks covkid - dont have the facility to plug anything in - installer tweaks it usually. only have it 3 weeks so still adjusting to it.

getting used to the blackjax is a little tricky sometimes - get in and forget it - drive 200yds down the road - chirp chirp! :devilish: