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FAO Coilover owners

My cup is in the garage as I type getting my FK's fitted. The guy has just phoned me to tell me the wheels are rubbing on any kind of lock, and he needs to cut away some arch liner. He said it is a trial and error situation and will require another 2-3 hours labour. Does anyone here know exactly what needs to be cut away and how long it should take? Should I just go and get the car and do it myself? Any help ASAP appreciated.
FK's will go so low at the front that you sump will be touching the floor.

I have just had to raise mine slightly because the driveshafts were stressed by my increased camber.

As for the garage charging you an extar 2/3hours - tell them to stop and do it yourself. Just pull the liners out.

If you are really slammed then you will have to play with the metal lip.

Or you could just be like me and ride on 195/40/R16's ;) They are so much lighter than normal 45's.

PS.. If your too low you can say goodbye to a great handling car, and you will have to drive really slowly. Not fun.

Make sure they set the camber correctly too - as they have inbuilt camber adj [if you got the konigsports.
Thanks for the info, I'm going to go down there and get the car back and do the liners myself. The guy at the garage said he has got the camber perfect, but I just remembered I am running 205 exaltos on the front, so no wonder they're rubbing.
What metal lip are you referring to Chris? I've heard people talk about a bumper bracket needing grinded down.
Cool, Does removing the liner entirely not affect anything else?

Liners there to protect the bits there ie the body sheel the wiring the horn etc.

Remove them fine but IMo underseal the car and recheck it and redo it ever 6 month to stop the shell corroding.

I'd be interested to know how he set the car up prefect as there no perfect setup. Everyone has different preferences ie the way/place you drive etc. Even track only cars don't have one perfect setup.
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Wats the easiest thing to cut the arch liner with?
Just need to take off a patch that's getting caught

My front left tyre is catching a bent part of the liner on the full lock :(