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FAO daipac

Hi mate,

went to halfords today and took advantage of their 3-for-2 on turtle wax stuff. Like yourself I wanted just a wax, not a polish. Was going to get the extreme wax that was mentioned in your other thread, but found something else.

There is a turtle wax emarald series, in both liquid and paste forms. £8.99 for either. AND it is also 100% carnuba wax (in either form) which, according to GirlRacer, is the stuff that all the best waxes are made from.

i bought a lot of liquid, one lot of paste and one lot of turtle wax gloss guard.

Wash and waxed car today, using the liquid version (was in a hurry) and then topped it off with the AutoGlym Extra Gloss protection. Car looks the weties testes now.

Can recommend, especially while 3-for-2 is on.

Hope this is of help,