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FAO Darren Fitzjohn and Russ J (Evil Ice)

  Skoda Fabia vRS

if either of you are reading this thread, get in touch with my mate Paul to which you collectively owe up to £300

his email address is">

and his mobile number can be supplied on request

get in touch ASAP or i guess Paul, maybe me aswell, will be seeing you two soon to retrieve the money in person


p.s. if anyone has any contact details for either of these 2 please forward them to myself or Paul on the above email address

Mat Brown may be able to help with Dazs contact details. Nick Hill may pass on Evil Ices. Just a thought

no idea......

he keeps saying hell do it, hell do it.....but disappears again for a month or 2.......cant find him

surely he cannot be that suspect!

i thought he was nice guy.......untill it came to the goods.

  mk2 172

:(, when i read this i thought brun had got a bit drunk and wanted to vent a bit of pent up aggression:D, didnt realise people are being f**ked about so much. hope you get your money peeps.


Well if people would try calling me then maybe they would get answers. Ben you DO have my number as you have called me before and I have tried to contact you recently but to no avail. As for Paul, well same again really. Im sure he can contact me himself as he now has my number and I think he is big enough to do it instead of Brun trying to be the hero and doing it for him.



ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Brun was just helping out, i didnt post about it as i didnt want to get banned or something stupid like that, and fair enough i might not have phoned but i have sent numerous emails and you did promise payment many times and i still havent received it. And if you did want to contact me im always on the board so an FAO post or PM would have done it.

Yeh fair comment. i wasnt having a go as such. I Brun hasnt given you my number get it off him and give me a call tommorrow and I can make the arrangements to sort it out. I finish work at about 6pm so give me a call after that if you like.



I have both your Mob and home #s from about 2 monts ago, unless they have replies.

Tried sending emails....but to no avail....

I more pissed off about having the dough to do it up at hill power instead of draggin it down south, but i spent it......but its back, when your ready......ill limp up there.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Dazz i was only trying to help Paul out, and i posted as he kind of mentioned because he thought he might get banned for posting something like this, i disagreed but he still thought he might so i posted on his behalf

Hero ? idea where you are going with that but my intentions have now been stated and thats that

hope we can end this all very soon, and Dazz, do you have any contact details for Russ ?.....i presume you do as he appeared to be a mate of yours

Ben. Yes my phone numbers are the same and I always answer them when they ring, give me a call this week.

Brun, Ok m8 fair enough but leave it at that and let me and Paul sort it out between us, make sure he has my home and mobile number and ill speak to him tomorrow. Alternatively text me his number and ill call him.

I do have a contact number for Russ but im not goin to put it in the post. Ill pass it on to Paul when i talk to him tomorrow.


Dazz, do you still have my email addy?

if so, could you please inform me of what were goin to do?