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FAO: Fred2001Dynamic and/or Jon16v or anyone who has fitted

Guys, Im getting very close to fitting my Eibach springs to my 172 myself, cos a: I cant find anyone local who can fit them soon at a good price(Im in Solihull), and b: cos Ive read stuff from Fred saying that it isnt such a bad job to do.

So, can I ask whats involved? what tools do I need? I know Ill need spring compressors, what about axle stands, are they necessary? and the bolts, do I need to find the exact torque settings for them? and obviously get a torque wrench.....???

Anyway, any info you can give would be great, cos I think Im up for doing it, but a feeling a little bit lacking in hard knowledge about the actual job.


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spoke with eibach UK this morning, they reckon because a 172 has already been lowered as standard that you will only get a 10mm drop on the pro springs.

Were you aware of this?
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Not sure on the exact set up on the 172, but generally you will need two axel stands to raise the front of the car. A socket set and either a alan key set or the socket type, and the spring compressors.

Loosen wheel nuts, jack up car and whip the wheels off. Loosen top nut on strut mount, on my Willy it is a 22mm nut with a 6mm alan key in middle. Undo the two bolts holding the strut to the swivel hub, remove the top mount fixings. Remove whole strut making sure any stuff attached to it like brake hoses or wires are clear, and dont damage the CV boot. Use spring compressors so you can undo the top plate, whip it off and change springs. Then put it all back together.

This is where the Haynes manual is invaluable. As I say I am not entirely familiar with the 172 set up but usually this is how it is done. Sometimes you need to diconnect the driveshafts to give you more clearance but you will see when you get into it. Just be careful and patient, it is all mechanical so as long as everything goes back in the same place with the same fixings you cant go wrong really.

Stokesey - Im wasnt completely aware of it, but I did have a sneeking suspicion that it didnt go as low as 30mm, but the difference in feel is good, I could tell the difference as soon as Telford_Mike started driving....

Anders - Where do I place the axle stands so it doesnt affect the suspension?

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Place them on a good structural part of the car, either the jacking points if they fit and use a good trolley jack to lift it on another point, or use your normal jack and put them under the box section running the length of the car. Once you have it in the air you will know where and where not to put them.

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Yeah, Ive got this piccy on my desktop :) and Ive been looking at the difference today and it is definately noticable.

Im going to go and do it myself, only thing Ive got to do is sort out getting the alignment done.

Mike, where did you get your alignment work done and what did you tell them? cos I had one place say "We can only reset it back to the manufacturers spec, itll never be spot on again, if your tyre wear goes up, well......"

So any info as normal would be great, was it a mainstream place like quickfit or summat?

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Yep John I popped into my local Kwikfit (actually it was ATS Euromaster in Oakengates). I think I was lucky cos the guys there are into cars/modding and were very interested in the Clio. They recommended setting the tracking to parallel. I think it cost £28 from memory, and this included a free re-check a couple of weeks later after the springs had bedded in.

I dont know much about this stuff at all, but type wear has been surprisingly good, and the car steers very nicely. Best of luck with fitting the springs - you can buy the Stella with the money you save

Right, thanks for the info, Ill have to go and find a decent set of lads - maybe a problem round here, but Ill have a go.

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