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  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

What happened to you m8 as I didnt see you all night ? I was going to pop down Basildon with you so was ROCKPORT and a couple of others.

I arrived at the Strawberry fields pub with Rob(J) and headed to the seafront in convoy!
However i had to leave shortly after a couple of laps of the seafront to meet up with my mates down at Mean Street! One of them was competing (and won!)and i had already agreed to go down there!

I didnt see you at the pub though mate or would have said hi and told you there!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I had the only RED 172 there. Oh well. Drop me a mail at along with your mobi number so I can add you to my contacts as we could of phoned you but both me and Rockport didnt have you number.

Well well!! Look at who got bored today at work at Ch_l_sf_r_ C_ll_g_ i presume!!

Have you got an email addy sorted there yet mate?