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FAO Louise or any Fiesta buffs

i have got some extended wheels studs that i used the have on my old Mk3 fiesta, they are needed to fit alloys wheels properly as they standard studs are to short to get enough turns to hold the wheel on safely, (at least that was the case on the wheels i had)

what i want to know is the address of some good fiesta websites so i can flog them as im sick of looking at them after selling my fiesta over 2 years ago,

any help much appreciated


is the memeber called Red16 the same guy (Ben i think) who used to come here? hes now got a 175BHP FRST if it is,

that fiesta board is very nice and very slick, with the really helpfull option of sending PMs to other memebers, maybe we could consider somthing like that here?

They are all a bit rude though, all spoilers and subs!!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Craggy beat me to it. is without a doubt the best Fiesta forum / site out there.