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FAO MK1 172 Owners With CUP Turinis Lowered

Do they scrub due to the extra 5mm track each side???

Or does an agressive geo sort that out due to lots of positive camber?


  impreza p1
in the same boat, fitted my turini's today (205/45/16)

got my apex 40mm springs coming monday but looking at it looks like it'll rub
Good tip Pep.

I've bought some 2 x with tyres 2 x without.

I'll buy some 195 Toyo T1-R's.... They worked well on my VX.
Nice - although the Trophy Turini's have more or less the same sort of offset as the std Ph1 rims. The Cup Turini's are bout 5mm further out. Hence the lower width rubber needed for lowering.

Im also going to get an aggressive geo done - as I'll mostly be using it on the track.