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FAO ne1 wanting to buy Cup 172 (wo/ wait)

Just had my ignition coils replaced at Renault London West and guess what they have in the showroom for any willing buyer, yep, another 172 Cup - must have sold the last one.

So if anyone wants one without the wait its all yours - unless someone beats you to it.

No, this one was my doing :) There was nothing wrong with the car except that it has 3 old type coils and 1 new type (one was faulty, replaced at second breakdown - known fault hence new type) and apparently they couldnt guarentee it wouldnt happen again so I said its not good enough I want all 4 new ones! In the end it happened.

But they are being very nice to me, i took the car in a 1pm, crossed the road and watched a film (Signs) and picked it up when the film finished :) Saves hanging around.