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FAO non believers :)

every thursday night there is a meet in wilmslow that i usually attend. We set up races on a little straight strip that there is. Last night i "raced" a saxo VTR. how embarrasing for him. Then i raced my mates..........Fiat coupe 20V turbo. this strip is just long enough for me to get up to 70 then hit the brakes. By the end of the strip, the coupe could not manage to pull one car length ahead of me(basically my passenger door was level with his rear quarter window) he couldnt believe it and neither could a lot of the people there!! he wanted a re-match so we went on the by-pass and again he couldnt pull away tillaround 70(when he goes into third) and i was staying with him till around 120mph when he dissapeared. I could NOT believe it.

Fiat Coupe 16v Turbo

Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo


from the stats he should have easily won, it is a 20v turbo and not a 16v turbo?

it is DEF a 20v turbo. its my mates, he lives down the road form me. the reason i havent raced him before is because i thought he would cane me. just did it for a laugh and was VERY surprised with the results. as was he. strange thing is though, he claims he hits 100mph by the end of the strip but i can only manage 70 although we are almost neck and neck

didnt think anyone would believe me, thats why i didnt post straight away. tell u what, next time you pull alongside one of these, give it a go and you will be very surprised. If anyone was at stanley green last night they will believe me:D
  320d M Sport

no way, my mates been looking at gettin oine for 3 months (he cant find one!!) they do 0-100 in 14 seconds, was the fastest production FWD car of its time, it should have p!ssed on you like u were his b**ch....
  Clio v6

Ah but maybe it was very dirty and the 16v is very clean. You clean your car and add 25bhp without a doubt.

yeah but whos to say that that guy in his Coupe is gettin the full 0-100 time out of it! i could quite easly see the clio keeping up...most of these coupes are clapped out anyway from being driven so hard!

ha ha!! just got a PM off some guy on this forum who was there!! PAddy, i can completely see why you dont think i had a chance, i didnt, he beat me but it was surprising how little was in it. Mikeyclio16V post here. you were there and saw it!! BTW, he had a girl in passenger seat.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I came over clean16v after that Coupe Turbo race and asked him what hed done to his car, cause he seamed to beat the turbod fiat fair and square. I wouldnt have belived it if i hadnt have seen it. Inspired me to tune mine to make it go back in time like his. Respect!
  320d M Sport

clean, after seeing it spin right into second i retract my previous statement. Andy (my mate who went out in it) said once its moving its as fast as feck. What a noise though??!? Sounds like summat out of starwars!


It is a fast car the Coupe, yet in a different league. It shud be racing imprezas, BMs, etc, cars within the same weight ratio. I came close though, somethin to b proud of.
  320d M Sport

LOL MEGANE!!! NOOOO, Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo, slightly more power... 220BHP 5 Cylinder, 0-100 in 14 seconds......