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  FF Black 182
I have had my clio for 4 weeks, when i bought it, it ran sound the seller told me the belts had been changed at 71k with it now having 77k on..........rite do i thought.
The 182 went in for one of the power steering pipe replacing last week, £180 for the pipe direct from Renault. finally got the phone call today saying it was fixed and ready to pick up........nice one.
5 mins later I get another phone call that on the test drive the cam belt has snapped.
What problems can this cause..........?
I'm fcuking fuming.
  Suzuki Jimny
Goodbye engine.

Unfortunately you can't just accept that the seller is telling the truth, you should have seen a receipt.


ClioSport Club Member
  MR2 Roadster
What is the saying...........

'a fool and his money are easily parted'

just kidding mate, it's a real shame but unfortunately people can't be trusted. You need to get proof of these things.
  FF RB 182
Why were Renault test driving it if they've only replaced a P/S pipe?

This is what I thought, surely they could just leave the car running lock the steering a couple times checking for leaks.

I just went through the history i got with my car.. theres a receipt for dephaser pulley and timing kit etc August 2012.. but no receipt for the work been done as owner used to do all work his self..
  E46 M3 & UR Quattro
Out of interest what did the garage say? I would be asking questions about why a test drive was nessesary..
  Mondeo TDCI 130
I would test drive after replacing a pas pipe on a 1*2, make sure it had no rattles from heat shields etc depending where it was. Wouldn't be thrashing though, more of a pipe and slippers man! :p
  FF Black 182
Technically they were bringing the car back to my work. I KNOW the mechanic and wont of been "ragging" it.
  Arctic Blue FF 182
New engine in fairness would be the cheapest option I would imagine. I would also have road tested the car after changing the p/s pipe had it been a job I was doing. I road test 95% of the cars I work on, admittedly they are sports cars but it's amazing what we pick up on during a road test that customers hadn't noticed. So I would find it pretty standard for them to have road tested it after the work.....however snapping the belt you don't know how hard they have driven it...over rev'd the engine etc.
  Phase1 172
My condolences mate , bad times . Aux belts can snap and go into the cambelt . Possible explanation ?
Sorry to hear Ben ! I'd speak to the garage see what your best options are ! In fairness a good garage should road test really , headlight bulbs obviously not but I'd road test it if its had a steering issues !

You can always get the head off see if its just a set of valves but its more than likely easier fit a new engine ! I'd get one that's already been belted as well not taking the p**s just worth looking for !
  PB Clio 172
I feel sorry for u but buying a car with a cambelt change is worse than not having one changed at all! 95% of garages I know of cannot or would not know how to change one on a 1*2 and if they did the timing would be wrong. Thought about a rebulid or not? How bad is the damage
  Clio 172
Alright mate. Bad times ! :-(

The belt on my phase 2 172 snapped and smashed 9 of the valves plus bent the head,
despite taking it to my mate for the belts doing b4 hand. He killed himself in a motorbike accident 4 months later so had no comeback like you. :-( :-( :-(
I took it to a Renault specialist in accrington and they did a bloody good job in repairing it . That was on 75k miles it's now done 112k and not had a problem since. The bill came to around 700 quid . I'm at the Chester meet on Sunday so if ur interested I could dig the details out for ya if ur there? If not pm me and il see what I can find.
  FF Black 182
Thanks for the positive comments. After speaking with the mechanic, we have gone with re-conditioning the head and valves. Instead of putting a new engine in. So while the head is in bits was thinking would it be worth putting some cams in if so which ones? Also am I correct in thinking that the 197 cylinder head fits the 182 engine.
  Lotus Elise
The new engine will need belts but this can be done before it goes in car. I'd also seriously consider putting a new clutch on it.

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
LOLs at all the pepople saying that the guy should not have been test driving the OPs car....Oh and the rev limter comes in early when the engines cold/oil not up to temp.

The belts snapped its not like the guy has crashed it, its one of those things that can happen it just so happens to have snapped on the guy test driving it.

The belt could have snapped on the OP 2 mins after he got the car back into his hands, dose this make it better?????

I feel gutted for you mate, when you get the belt done again replace all of the fixings, Renault do a kit which includes cam oil seals and the nuts for the pullies also buy yourself a new crank pullie bolt these are about £8 from Renault.
When putting it all back together you MUST make sure the pullies are clean and free for oil

Also you will need to replace the Aux belt kit again buy from Renault, the Aux kits around £75

Good luck with it.

  FF Black 182
Cheers scott. Thats what I have been saying it wasnt the mechanics fault, end of the day s**t happens. Its just this is a very expensive s**t. Might also look at getting a chrome manifold. But all depends.