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Finally...Today's the day...

  Nimbus Clio 197
At 5pm after I finish work i'm heading to the dealer to collect my 197. I've been waiting just over 12 weeks for it (ordered 14th July).

WAHOO! Bring on 5pm!!!
  Nimbus Clio 197
Just a standard nimbus 197. The only options i've added is the Cabasse 6CD changer with extra speakers and tinted rear and tailgate windows
Today will be the longest day of your life. And this evening the quickest.

Have fun mate i'm sure you will, how come you didnt fancy cup packs?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
nimbus. good call. :D

I have a nimbus. the only option is the met paint!!

you'll soon love keyless. bit weird at first, but now i love it.
  Nimbus Clio 197
Hey all!

I think i'm in love. It's absolutely fantastic! Definately chose the right colour too!

Will get some pictures up soon!

Afraid i've just got the standard sports seats...not Recaros.

I'm a happy happy man!

Right, i'm off for a drive :-D