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Finished project engine 203 into clio 182 from Spain

  clio sport 182
Hi Again Guys and Happy New Year

Well, my Frankenstein clio 182 with 203 engine is finished.


All parts F4R832 engine into block F4R736.

Modified F4R736 block for pulley tensor.

182 parts used;

Dephaser, flywheel, clutch, OEM exhaust system complete, included CAT and OEM silencer and reprogrammed ECU.

Ported head with OEM valves.

95 Ron fuel.

I hope this can help.

If some people want info, the engine was made by vgkracing.

I want to thank all the people with their advice and experiences have contributed to it and which I have been able to convey to the tuner of this engine.

Comment that we did two tests one on the 10th and another today with different cams and the ones that worked best are the OEM.

Thanks and all the best



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  172 Phase 2
Very cool build! cant believe this hasnt had much attention. Do you have an instagram or an update on this car would like to know more