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First Post - Just purchased a 182 :D

Hi all

Just bought myself an immaculate 182 and I can't wait to pick it up Saturday!

Spent ages looking around but finally found a 182 with the Cup suspension pack and Recaro optional seats that was in good nick. Absolutely perfect inside and out (bar the steering wheel :() Belts done, FRSH, stainless steel cat-back, short shift too. More documents and reciepts than I could shake a stick at!

Last car was a 106GTi with about 135BHP so I'm really happy to get something that's just as fun to drive, but with loads of extra toys.

Will get some pics up when I've got it home :D

  Black 200
I love 106's. Used to have a little quiksilver myself, then went to a tuned 306 for a while, both great fun.

Looking forward to some pictures of the 182!