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fitting cup back box...

  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)
hey, i finally have taken delivery of the standard Renault cup back box which i ordered on 26th november last year... i know, its taken a while) i have never done any car maintenance in my life apart from changing wheels etc. was just wondering if there is anything i need to know... the exhaust has broken off exactly like this picture i found on another thread:

i still have the other bit of exhaust going into the mid-pipe bit so was hoping to use the existing clamp, and i have bought a new rear bracket with rubber mount... is it just a case of simply un bolting the old bit of pipe thats left over and bolting on the new one, or will i need anything else? sorry for the dumbass post!

Alex. :cool:
  Mondial 172Cup (A/C)
yeh it does... have done it... only took me 15mins from jacking up, to jacking down and starting the engine... proper job!! haha! well chuffed!!
  Stripped yozza'd cup
I have to ask, why did you offer yourself to renault's exhaust in exchange for financial rape system?