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Fitting Recaro Seats into a Clio Cup

Is it possible to fit 2 Recaro seat into the front of a Clio Cup? Ive been having a look on the Recaro Direct Website and it says only 1 seat can be fitted to the front of a 3 door car. Is this due to the lack of a sliding/tilting mechanism? If so can you get a suitable frame to make them tilt? Also do the existing seats seats in the cup have any airbag/tensioner that could make things complicated to change...

Hi Andy I tried fitting a pair of corbeau seats,I got the original seat out ok ,but fitting the corbeau seat was very hard in the end i gave up.I recomend you have a good pair of subframes. Also the seatbelt plug is attached to the seat.

What subframes were you trying to use for your Corbeaus? Do either Recaro or Corbeaus do special frames for clios?

I would like to know if this was possible, i mean the seats in the cup are not exactly the racing seats the car deserves. worst come to worst could always find a smashed 172 and have those seats....