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Fitting speakers to the rear doors of my Clio Mk3 2007 Dynamique


I've just fitted a connects2 ipod interface into the back of the standard clio stereo, and now i'd like to fit some extra speakers into the rear doors of the clio to make everything sound a bit better.

I'm not after any sort of monster sound, just something to go with the front ones, but after some research it looks as if i'll have to take the inside panels off the back doors to do it.

Does anyone know how to do this? I've had a look and found 2 torx screws on the bottom of the panel, one by the door handle inside and another in the dip which you use to shut the door from the inside.

Should i just undo all of these and hope for the best? what about the window winder and the door handle??

Can someone please help me out?

Also once i know the size speakers it needs can i just pick anything that fits?


  2008 Clio 1.5dci
Hope someone replies because I have the exact same question!

Ive done some research on this and in general what I have got back is you need to remove the door panels if it is a 5 door :)
The speaker grills in the back simply won't come off!

How to go about it hopefully we'll find out :)