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Flame Spitting Valver!!! :o :D lol

Driving like a rally god! :p lol

*ahem* tapping accelerator at high revs lol

Does flame on its own at gearchanges after a long drive when the zorst is heated up! lol :)
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

My 16v used to do exactly that with a full Mongoose System and Air filter - nothing else!

Sounded awesome though, i loved it!
  leon cupra R

do you have to have say an 4-5 zurst such as a slash cut zurst to get a flame, mine pops but not loud and no flame and i only have a janspeed 3.5

my old 1.4 did this, mates 1.4, my 1.8 16v, all my 2l, adis 2l, mates 2l. All you need is a full exhaust, an accelarator cable with no slack, and do exactly as Glenn said, cane it in gear, then on overrun, tap the accelerator!