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Flames From Exhaust

Does anyone else get this!!!!

I have noticed that since I have put the de-cat pipe on I get allot more popping and some flames from the exhaust. From behind the flames look cool and the popping noise sounds wicked when I am travelling through the forest it sounds like a rally car.

Well flames are caused by unburnt fuel touching the hot exhaust pipe causing it to obviously set alight. Dont know bout the pops, must be f**kin sweet though

well probably something do with you not being able to see the back when youre driving, it will be caused on the overrun so have a look in your rear view mirror then

See if a car spits flames natrually then I think its cool its the people that get flamer kits for their cars I dont like... lol still keeps you warm on a cold evenings

mine does this, less since i had it chipped though:confused:, flames happen every now and again, all the time in my old RT though, its all about the carbs

thats coz carbs are not as accurate with the amount of fuel they supply than injectors. must have been cool though eh

Used to be able to get my motorbike to pop. Hit the kill switch for a second or two as you went along, then whack it back on again. AFAIK it was unburned fuel igniting in the exhaust.

Sounded like a gun, scared the sh1t out of people if you did it as you went past them :devilish:

Did read once that doing it alot could cause damage to the valves though. Dont know if this is true.

any one with FULL exhust system and induction get flames, wait till exhaust is hot..motorway driving, booting it etc, then cane 2nd gear, come off accelarator and tap it fast, this should cause flames/popping. you need to tap it really lightly though, it feels like your not actually doing anything but it will.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I get that - just rest your foot slighty on the accelerator....dont know bout flames though cos, well, cant see!

Got M>O>T on Feb 1st tho - is this a good time to fit De-cat? What will the difference be?

Would i be better getting the chip re-programmed too>?

I have got both fitted and the reason that I am getting my willy chipped is to rebalance the engine EG. Air in and out. The brain needs to be rebalanced because it could be running to rich and will cause engine problems.

If I have got this wrong please correct me.