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Flat battery issues

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hello I hope someone may be able to help me,

when I leave my car stud still for longer than 10 - 12 hours it has a flat battery, but sometimes it will be okies, I was wondering if something was draining it or it could be the battery, I went to a place today and they tested the battery it came bk saying it was around 50% good, so I got a new one,
but I was just wondering what could be draining it or is the battery not getting charged while its running, ive no amp or sup in it?


Old Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
Probably a duff battery mate.
Check the altinator is charging properly too. Stick a multimeter across the battery with the engine running. Should see over 14 volts roughly
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cheers boys, I got a new battery so will see what its like tomorrow , if still the same gonna get a new alternator, and hopefully that will sort it, but was just wondering what else would course the issues.
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If you find out let me know as I have the same problem, it's charging cos I've drove it all over the place and battery stays charged, untill I lock it up at nite, then it drains the battery, took all interior lights out,stereo don't work so that's not it, I think it's something to do with the alarm, I just can't find where, so I just lock it up, pop bonnet, and pull battery off everynight
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car tracking systems like netstar and the like, (ones that fit a gps module to locate the car) often cause battery drain issues, the system I had killed 5 batteries before I removed the system... best thing to do is to do a draw test on the battery, the car should not pull more that 12 - 15 milliamps when everything is off. if it is and you have a tracker fitted that would be the first place to check