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Formula Renault Engine

  Williams Clio
Bit of a random one this but im trying to help a college get a 1991 Formula Renault up and running for next season.

The guy who is leading the project is looking to a fit a 2.0ltr engine to it before the end of this year. Currently there is a 1.7ltr engine, which im guessing was originally fitted the Renault 21, which is mated to a Hewland gearbox (think its a H4)

Does anyone know is the F4R or F7R Renault engines will fit onto the Hewland with the current adaptor plate or is the 1.7ltr engine going to have a different mounting pattern?

I'm also guessing that an new ECU, loom, exhaust and intake manifold and dry sump kit will be required.

Any help would me much apreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
  Too many.
Sorry to jack this thread. But you wouldn't happen to go to the Bicester campus would you? ;)


Im pretty sure the Hewland will fit onto an F series block, All the 5 speed Renault boxes are interchangeable AFAIK. Well, they all bolt up right, starter positions can change though.
  Williams Clio
Oh an as Chris has already pointed out i don't have anything to do with the Bicester campus used to live not far from there though.
as long as the block was bolted to a J series gearbox.. I don't think the newer blocks have the right holes.

I know a guy who fitted a megane engine into one a few years back.


Think its just 6 speed boxes where the bellhousing differ. Pretty sure ALL 5 speed box's and bottom ends mated to a 5 speed as standard have the same stud pattern. Could be wrong though!