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Frayz's Inferno 182 - Back in the old flame


ClioSport Club Member
Very cool idea those barcodes! Where you thinking of putting them?

Also love that table! Looks amazing!
Thanks, the table I made myself, makes a nice taking point in our lounge.
Not 100% sure on the decal placement just yet, one of those things where i need to have a play with positioning on the car.


ClioSport Club Member
Collected the car from Alex @ AW Motorworks this evening and I have to say it drives like a totally different car.
I gave Alex instruction that he was to go through the car from top to bottom and although didn’t have an “open chequebook” he was to replace anything that was required.
I was delighted to hear he was very pleased with the cars condition and how unmolested it is.
It really is in very clean condition throughout, so that was good to hear.

She’s received the following new genuine Renault parts.

Full cambelt kit.
Cambelt kit.
Aux belt kit.
Dephaser pulley.
Cam oil seal kit & caps.
Crank bolt.
Water pump & Antifreeze.
Full OEM clutch kit with release bearing.
Gearbox oil.
Engine oil & filter.
Rear main oil seal.
Rear main cap sealing.
Sump gasket.
New upper engine mount.
New upper gearbox mount.

The new OEM engine mounts and clutch make the car so smooth to drive. I dare say once all my new suspension components go on, it will drive like a completely new car.

As a vehicle development engineer and mechanic by trade I am very pleased with Alex’s work and his ethic.
Highly recommended to anyone. :)


ClioSport Club Member
With the original number plates made over 8 years ago now, they were showing their age. New ones on with some fresh 3M dual locks freshen up the car a treat.
Also fitted a small “Vive Le Sport” decal as a historical nod to the racing turbo Renault’s back in the 80s. (Excuse the dust, I’d just wiped it with a microfibre lol)



ClioSport Club Member
Little job I’ve wanted to do was renew the tired old gear knob.
The top of the original was smooth with printed H pattern. However these are no longer available from Renault so I have one with an embossed H pattern.
I’d read that these were a nightmare to get off, but I was in luck as this whole job took me about 30 min.
Much improved I’m sure you will agree.





ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172, Abarth 500
You should split this out into a guide and put it in the guides section, great work!


ClioSport Club Member
You should split this out into a guide and put it in the guides section, great work!


ClioSport Club Member
Today’s fix - Climate control

In the early days of having the car back, one day I put the heater on high in the morning and when attempted to drop the temp as the cabin warmed up it strangely continued to chuck out hot air. Even with the AC on full and previously the AC was ice cold.
Oddly enough the next day it was working fine, so whatever the issue, it was intermittent and needed investigation.
I suspected it was something to do with the stepper motor on the heater matrix and a quick search had shown others had suffered a similar fate.
This evening I managed to get time to remove the stepper motors, these are a bit of a t**t to get to as they’re tucked up under the drivers dash area. Upon removing the motors, sure enough the drive lug had broken right through.
Lucky enough I had a sprung hose clamp that was exactly the correct size. It’s super strong now and I dare say the motor would now fail before the drive lug would ever break again.

Boxed it back up and Roberts ya mother’s brother, winning. :D



ClioSport Club Member
Tonight’s job,
Update the exhaust brackets with some newly fabricated stainless items and fit the PhillipM honeycomb exhaust Bush.

The mounts are a known point for corrosion and are NLA from Renault. When they were available they were apparently £110 a piece and the 182 needs a pair of them. Luckily a lad on the ClioSport group had a small batch fabricated in stainless and black powdercoated. As you can see, my old ones weren’t actually in that bad shape, but all stuff on the car has a life and now seemed as good a time as any to update them.

Also took this opportunity to fit a new honeycomb exhaust Bush. The standard bushes from Renault are frankly a joke, I’ve seen more robust dried flowers in my time.
When I first owned the car, there wasn’t any other option but try and fudge something yourself or keep buying the pants OEM stuff.
Years ago I cut out most of the old mount and put a universal poly exhaust hanger in with some zip ties.
To be fair this has stood up for the last 7 years or so. However because it’s solid, you do manage to make the boot floor in to a bit of an amplifier and the NVH comes right into the cabin.
Now there’s a better solution with the honeycomb Bush, I thought I’d fit one. I must have gotten used to the sound inside the car because this has made a significant reduction in resonance inside the cabin.



ClioSport Club Member
Still not convinced on the new gear knob top. It doesn’t feel quite right with the embossed letters. So playing with silvers to try and replicate the OEM Renault shade for the 182.
I’ll add a decal to this and lacquer it in.



ClioSport Club Member
So this is as good as I think I can get.

Ford moondust silver over a black undercoat with dark anthracite decals. I think it’s pretty much bang on as close to the OEM 182 gear knob insert as I can get.


ClioSport Club Member
So some kind soul saw it upon themselves to key the rear wing during the cars previous ownership.
So I dropped it off last week to a mate of mine Andy @ Spikes Vintage Restoration. Quite frankly, Andy is the best painter I’ve ever seen in my life, and the quality of his work is off the scale, check him out on Instagram @andythepaint.
Completely overkill for my little Clio, as it’s now the most perfect piece of paint finish on the whole car.

He also dusted over my Cup washer blanks.



ClioSport Club Member
Dusted under the rear wing with some Bilt Hamber Dynax UB before refitting it.
Added a new foam weather seal and also resealed the boot trim to cut down on some NVH.

Also did the same when I took the front bumper off to fit the Cup washer blanks, quick clean and dusting of Dynax UB.

Im also on the look out for a recently rebuilt gearbox with a Quaife diff. If you have or know of a good gearbox I have cash waiting here for the right one.



ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
I’ve literally got my front bumper off at the moment and just purchased the bilt hamber AB aswell. So glad to see someone else is sticking it in the right place ?


ClioSport Club Member
Another little job,
Noticed the exhaust clamp behind the cat was on borrowed time the other day and decided to order a new heavy duty stainless one.
Small job, I’ll never see it, but never the less satisfying.



ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Great attention to detail, makes for a good read. Not always so bad buying your old car back then?

Andy has to be the best painter I've seen, love seeing his work on Instagram.

There can't be much left to do to this? Most of its factory fresh now!


ClioSport Club Member
Great attention to detail, makes for a good read. Not always so bad buying your old car back then?

Andy has to be the best painter I've seen, love seeing his work on Instagram.

There can't be much left to do to this? Most of its factory fresh now!
Cheers Rob,

You say that but still loads of little jobs i want to do. I've still not had time to fit all the new dampers, arms and bushes i purchased a while back.
I've found a gearbox oil leak from the NS CV boot where we think its not been seated correctly. This is a little annoying as ive just had the clutch and box oil changed. Still clean oil pissing out is better than dirty oil i guess lol.

Im wondering if im the only one in the world that sees a gearbox leak and instantly find myself on the hunt for a new box with a Quaife diff?

The other thing id really like to do is drop a decent drivers seat in, something that gets me lower in the car, but that will have to wait till after i sort the box leak.