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FREE spelling lesson with this car?

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  e60 M5 -172- dciheid

this is just rank use of the english language

muppet heids advert said:
Here is my beloved Fabia vRS tdi.
It was Jabbas old car and there was another owner before me. Since leaving jabba the previous owner fitted a water mathanol injection kit and subsequently blew the turbo. It then got parked up and then i purchased it.

I sent the turbo to someone from garret and after 6 months of sourcing all the right parts recieved it back at a cost of £650 for parts and £100 labour.

Parts fitted are as follows

Brand new
Helix clutch kit £800
PD130 engine
Ported & flowed head.
Custom spec hybrid PD150 turbo
Milltek de-cat downpipe & centre section
Pipewerx down swept backbox
Pro-Alloy full front mount intercooler
PD160 Intake
Green Cotton Panel Filter
JabbaSport Custom Map
Vibra-Technics Dogbone Mount
B&M Short Shifter

KW Variant 1 Coilovers
JabbaSport 25mm Rear ARB (One Off)
Compomotive MO Wheels

312mm Front brake setup with groved discs, Ferrodo DS2500 pads

Tinted windows all round
Headlight eyebrows
HID kit
Uprated front poly wishbone bushes

There is a key scratch on the drivers wing and some stone chips on the bumper, grill and bonnet.

i put the car on rolein :rofl: road,2 get a power graf for some 1 intrested it blew a pipe at 201 bhp 336 fpt with loads left so i replaced 2 pipes then took it back a week later put it back on it did the clutch ! i was gutted so now has a new £800 helix cluth kit fitted so its getting booked back on the rollers once an 4 all but the guys at AWESOME GTI said i could get more power out ov it and have talked me into a custom map costing £300 so iam guna get it booked in this week get it done and ill update the new graf when its dun .

So ive have 2 change the price according.

Tax'd for 5 months, MOT 4 months.

Viweing welcome and advised.


Any questions regarding the car please contact me on 07754607024 ste

ideal advert



ClioSport Club Member
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  Golf GTI, Jap Tank.
You missed the bad spelling on "graf" (Graph)

I like the wheels. But not on that car TBH.