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Free tie rods anyone?

  172DD Cup
Hi, my clio is long sold but I found some unused tie rods at the back of the shed. There are three in total, I think one is for a 172 cup, and two are a matching pair I think from when I fitted a manual rack from a 1.2/1.4/1.6 I can't move the ends by hand so they should be good. Just looking for enough to cover postage and a bag of skittles.....

No part numbers but sizes are:

LengthThread lengthInner threadOuter thread

The bottom two are actually the same size, just not in the photo.... no nuts on those ones.


Mods sorry if this isn't allowed, I'm no longer a member so can't list in sale forum, just hoping to help someone out rather than throw them away.

Thanks, Kris