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Friday Just Washed Pics

  C4 Grand Picasso

I hate these just washed threads - they make me realise what a lazy scumbag I am, I aint washed my car in 2 months - I feel so dirty.

[Edited by Levo on 4/6/2005 8:24:16 PM]

Car looks gleaming btw, clearly loads of work gone into it. Was it local scum who nicked your bonnet badge?

thanks mate used to be a valeter , the car has had diamond brite treatment done by me and in this instance the car was only washed and the tyres slicked

any ideas on what to do next ? photo shops welcome hint hint. was thinking of a 40mm apex drop? 172 wheels either mk1 or mk2 ? zorst?

  The Beast MK4

For the Zorst I would get a custom or a branded cat-back system such as K-Tec, it depends on what you want. Defo go for some 172 wheels and I would think for the lowering side you should maybe think about 60mm as its more popular with your type of car.

Have a gander at for your suspension and keep an eye on the For Sale section as 172 wheels come up quite often.


  Pink/Blue 182

ahhhhh looks great !..:D.

..i had exactly one the same as that...(x-reg...same wheels but no sunroof....not quite exactly

....brings back great memories :D

quick question hijacking my own thread i spose, but what is my car worth either standard or not it was registerd in april 2001, has a full renault service history , and has just hit 60k.

many thanks

  B-road bully

ull easily get over £3000, should get some RS wheels, maybe lower it too n itll luk mint, still looks great anyways:)
  Yaris Hybrid

LOL I have pics of two of my Clios at Westonbirt Arboretum including my old Silver one that was the same model as yours.

Must take my 182 down there sometime as well.

Nice place.
  B-road bully

keep it an save for the mk3 RS clio lik me:devilish: then i can show them bmws/jags etc wat small french cars are made of.

Quote: Originally posted by JoelDee on 22 April 2005

Wish I could stay at home and wash the car on a Friday instead of been stuck at work!

Yeah we wish you were out washing your car too, cause then you wouldnt post here. lol