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Joes 1.4 16v Clio Sport Replica. Pic Heavy

Hey sparkles. Mine was the same, if you put the left in, the right sat high, put the right in, left sits high. Kind of just get it sitting even on both, don't let one side go in more than the other.
I gut the light plugs off and jsut wired them in - much much easier. I just my washer pipe short and just left it disconnected, no rear wipr anyway.
you can buy new clips at renault for a few quid i think.

anyway, the spoiler will sit a little funny when the clips aren't properly in, i lined mine up as best as i could, then had my mate hold the spoiler into the bootlid and (if this makes sense) held it up, to stop it falling into the gap between the roof and boot. So up and in, the put in the two centre screws first, That should pull the spoiler a little more evenly towards to boot - just make sure they are going into the holes!!!

Then, I got my friend to hold the drivers side in next, I put the two screws in there, then the two on the passenger side. with him hold it up and into place. It sits maybe 2mm higher on the drivers side, but with a lot of pushing and shoping, it wouldn't go down and i was happy enough anyway.

There isn't much space to tuck the washer pipe and plugs away, so i suggest you just cut them off and join them together, then either cut or get creative with the washer pipe. for me - the biggest issue with it, was it getting wrapped near where the centre screws go into the mount bits!
  Clio mk2
Hi mate, great project the car looks great! I'm really jealous

I'm thinking about putting in an RS interior, i've read that the drivers seat can be awkward? Something to do with the airbag or pretensioners causing the air bag light to come on.
Did you have any of these issues?

Cheers, Ian
Just written some long ass reply and then the comp crashed! ffs! Ill redo it but bullet point it sorry if im coming across rude but im a lil mad haha:

- Nice one mate! after a few replys on here and your reply ive got It on!
- in the same boat as you though as youll see below
- cutting the plugs sounds sick! is it a proper fix/work for you?
- No problem with my washer jet mate apart from it don't work LOL

- Found the seats on here mate, legends who fit it for me.
- The process is pretty straight forward to fitting them but it takes ALOT of man hours!
- Make sure your car batt is disconnected before you attempt it all.
- The seats are attached by the airbag sensor light to the car. the only way to install new seats and take yours out is by cutting it.
- you could take it to a renualt specialist to get it rewired or ive seen tricks on here people have done in which they use resistors to plug in the holes creating a quick but not 100% fix.

Back onto the spoiler!

- Finally got it on.
- Only using 5 screws though. 2 have basically turned into vaginas and the thread has gone and smoothed off.
- Never take a screwdriver to try and pry the plastic out. Now need to order a new unsnapped part.
- Not that much mad about the above as the actual light itself don't work HA!
- Visually it looks the part! Pratically my car is now part shed.

Heres my screw situation:

Left side is nice!


Middle section I had to remove the plastics for the screws to actually reach and pull the thing closer to the car and keep it secure in place.


Drivers side are where my vagina holes are.
- Cowboyd the upper screw with a self tap in that has bought it down abit but I don't dare go any deeper before it pops out the other end.
- Below is a long gone hole. Nothing is taking to this thing. I could try a smaller fatter screw to try and create a new thread but?


And heres my problem with one side screwed in and the other side barely screwed in:

Left side:
- Nice a flush! smooooothhh


Right side:
- ...........


Haha whatever. its on. its secure. its not coming off so its staying! I actually kinda like the bump (;

Anyway heres another shot, but bear in mind:
- Cars DURTY
- Spoiler is freshly painted and UNBUFFED!

They look like 2 diff paints at the moment but I assure you once the cars cleaned and the spoiler buffed up to get that mirror reflection we'll be rocking.
- Oh by the way the thing don't work. Hahahahaha -.-

Future updates only time will tell what will happen!

Looks nice

Have you checked the spoiler doesn't touch the roof when the boots open? If its sticking up like that it probably is!
Oh man, that probably is clipping the roof! If you take the screws into a hardware store, i'm sure they can give you new replacement ones for pennies!! My spoiler isn't sitting that high, it's a tiny tiny gap, you could maybe just get a 2p coin between the spoiler and glass!

If it helps, i had to put a LOT of pressure on the sides to bring the screw holes close enough, then we jsut held it REALLY tight as we screwed it in, the popper-clips will actively try to push the spoiler off the roof like that, so you need to hold it tight as you fit!!
finally coming close to completion point!
300 spent on it this month for a custom 182 rep exhaust.

Now I live in Nottingham. If anyone lives in Nottingham or close-ish and is looking for a proper fabricator.. THIS is the guy to go to:

Quoted me 285 for a fully custom made cat back 182 rep exhaust. I was that over the moon with it I gave the man 300.
Before I went to him I went to longlife exhausts.. they quoted me 400 for the whole system. Then went to powerflow.. they said it cant be done at all, bla bla steering wheel well, bla bla no room.

Was recommended this guy through one of my mates! went round, its just him and 1 other guy in his smaller unit in Hucknall. No problems whatsoever and the finished product is beyond amazing. Mans sound, been in the business for many years. Cannot believe how good hes done this. Dropped the car off at half 7 in the morning, finished by 3 in the afternoon.

even he was impressed of how much of a near enough perfect replica it is. even sprayed the middle section pipe black for me to conceal the replica-ness of it.
Both exhausts work, fully functioning and mounted perfectly.

On the day I helped him out abit with 3 printouts of; Rear end of a 182, KTECS online version and thanks to the help of a member off here who owns a 182, I got actual measurements for everything (cut out width, width between 2 exhausts, where they meet and end width etc)

This is the result:




Couldve got more photos, will do soon. Too excited to be bothering putting photos on here for the moment!

Now its my fault as I said I didn't want the middle box to cut out more noise as the 10 year old inside me wants noise. This is friggin loud, its not just a loud cheap exhaust, it sounds powerful, pretty much on par with a Scooby. Yes now im thinking its abit ridiculous but if I don't rag it around it has just the right amount of growl. Go over 4000rpm and then its Scooby noises. Its even popped and banged a couple of times from my terrible driving. Its a phase, ill get over it. Just need to have a good month of revving haha. But the point I want to get across as this is just no typical "loud" exhaust. it sounds bang on powerful, youd think I would be in a V6. As for power ive noticed my acceleration is quicker. Reaching speeds quicker and stupidly louder than before.

Im actually in love with this car now. The amount of money pummeled into it and still more to go.. by the end, to me personally it will be in better shape and will defo sound/look more prettier than a proper 182. Yes the power wont be the same but this is now one of a kind car!

Also on the same day I went to Asda, saw a 182 with a corsa next to it and just had to sandwich the corsa! Not sure if theyre a member on here but hey.


Not sure whether this video works but it barely shows off the power noise of this thing, these are just quick revs.. imagine lead foot to 5500rpm then to 2nd..


Next up is a proper silly money induction kit from K-tec. Give the front end more of a growl to match the back.
Looks awesome, shall give the video a watch when I'm at my PC. Doesn't seem to want to work properly on my phone, or maybe it's just photobucket being lame :/

182 engine conversion in the future ;)
Looks awesome, shall give the video a watch when I'm at my PC. Doesn't seem to want to work properly on my phone, or maybe it's just photobucket being lame :/

182 engine conversion in the future ;)

Ive actually thought about the engine conversion! But not til along way away yet. Current engine is fine with only 37k on the clock.
But would it be possible to easily swap?
That and then theres the ball ache of everything else that comes with it, rear brakes, manifolds.. blah.
Ive actually thought about the engine conversion! But not til along way away yet. Current engine is fine with only 37k on the clock.
But would it be possible to easily swap?
That and then theres the ball ache of everything else that comes with it, rear brakes, manifolds.. blah.

Just watched the video. Sounds like a 182 or something even more powerful haha. Someone's gonna want to race you and be disappointed xD

Cheaper insurance etc too!
Can't talk from experience but there's some places that will do it all for you, would be best asking on here or Renault UK page on FB. There's a few around who've had it done.
  2002 Clio 172
This is brilliant! Long time since i've sat down and enjoyed looking at the transformation of a rep! :clap:
You ever thought about those tinted rear lights K-Tec do? I bought a set for my 1.2 only for a bus to crash into my a week after buying them!! Theyre being transferred onto my 172 when its finished its MOT! :)
1014055_493918404049505_1436178447_n (2).jpg

Video of the exhaust.

Few changes have happened since ive not been posting on here for a while!

- Got a complete set of 172 Mats from a member on here! Fitting all perfect and looking much more tidier!
- Now installed K-Tecs Carbon Viper Induction Kit. Its not on in the video hence why you can still hear drowning engine noises.
- SERV and Airbag light are gone forever! Got my brother to look under the seats and with a simple small screwdriver he clipped them back together!
Took it in for a service and checkover.
- 2 New front Tyres, step up from budget but nothing ridiculous, in the end it still is just a 1.4
- Oil change and everything else topped up!

With the checkover my drivers side anti roll bar is just snapped off. New one
and with my left side "Traction Rod"? Not sure but wheel can move slightly when it shouldnt so that just needs a new one.
Everything else tip top and ready for an MOT in Jan!

Ive had literally no money for the past 8 months doing this project.
Damn worth it.

Only things i have on my list now are:

- Get parts resprayed.
- Alloy refurb.
- Maybe.. a remap. Yes theres no point bla bla 4HP gain bla bla. Im thinking about it.

Thats about it! Probably more things in the future.
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Quick update for today.
Somehow managed, no idea how, thing just magically did it, but got the sideskirts to sit on the car with no attachments what so ever haha!
Took advantage of this and got a few shots of how the car would look with the skirt(s) on.
As you guessed they eventually just flopped off.
Me and the brother have the idea of using some glue he knows of, specialty car glue. Use this to stick the brackets on the car rather than drilling holes in my sill that we could easily drill in the wrong spots.
So if we do go wrong we can just "Cheese Wire" the things off and replace it til its right. Better idea then making a dot to dot picture on the car with a drill.

Defo going to need lowering.
Defo needing spacers on the front 2 wheels.

And another cheeky shot of my (at the moment) much loved, cant stop looking at front end!


Ordered a Fabia splitter today.
Things cheaper on ebay rather than the actual skoda site.. by like 2 or 3 quid but still haha.
Tell you what,I am doing the exact same as as you on the exact same car,we are also at the same point haha I'm also addicted to my cars front end too :p what size of spacers are you going for? I went for 16mm on the front but it still isn't enough haha I might just go for 30mm and 16 rear, also speed lines will look well! Pm me with your progress, I also got a fabia splitter from skoda haha had to use some random old mans reg :pp anyway, looks well!!
  EVO 9 , Clio 172
Enjoyed reading this :)

Just bought the mrs a 1.4 and I have a complete 172 I bought for spares, so I see a summer project in the making
  Volantech CC Panels
Jesus man it looks incredible, looks like a totally original sport, good job. Glad you got rid of those disgustingly hideous chrome things on the lights, made it look awful but nevertheless looks great now
Been ages since i took an interest back into this, but its happened.

Couple of future updates will be what ive bought but not yet put on:

- Sport pedals.
- Carbon Fibre cup washer blanks.
- 15MM rear spacers.
- 3/4 Front plate.
- Fix the friggin sun roof.

Cars now on 41K. Passed MOT with no advisories, still going strong! everything declared and paying 74 a month for it. Serviced and few parts like fan belt etc changed. Fair few years left in this car for me! this isnt just a quick rep and get rid of. First car, need to build proper road experience so i at least want a car i love and make my own! Anyway heres a few pics of how he stands as of now.


Couple of pics. Also fitted 172 black insert xenons. Much improved the look of the car. Visually and lighting up the road.




And for those of you didn't know. I officially owned and experienced my own 182. FF Arctic. Mental car that kept up with a Green Ninja bike.


People commented on the black rep more -.- apparently according to a few people. I've made the rep look better than the actual thing.
  Clio 182
Looks good there, couldnt tell the difference apart from the sunroof, but even with the sunroof, it looks pretty cool with it... like the tinted rear windows, I think it looks even better seeming as the car is black, being bias as I have a black 182 ;)
Black is by far the best colour. Always loved blue and had a thing for the arctic but could never beat the black. Glad I never sold it in the end. Next up is a rear disc conversion so the only ways to tell it apart now would be sunroof and if you were to race it ahaha. But I agree black tinted sunroof does look cool with the car aha.

Too bad the fccking thing drips like a tap when it rains -.- rained on from the A and B pillars, from the seals itself and from the light fixture in the middle. I literally have a water feature. I'll tigerseal it one day. Maybe.
  Clio 182
I agree, blue looks good and at first I thought about going for a blue 182... but when I saw the black 182 on the garage forecourt, I liked it alot... looks smart, but a bugger to keep clean :p have you done the interior seats do the 1.4 coem with the half leather seats?

If im honest it looks good with the tinted sunroof, time to start cutting my roof ;) well at leats you have added value to the car with its water feature... just use duct tape, if that doesnt work, your not using enough :p
Full works going off inside! 182 Half leather seats front and back all wired in properly so no lights on the dash, Full Silver Cup carbon dash inserts. Sport steering wheel with in tact thumb grips, full sport mat set, sport alloy/steel plated clutch brake and accelerator, door cards. Only thing giving it away as a non sport inside is the lack of air con climate control.

And haha! Try going through a car wash with it. You get washed at the same time ahaha.
  Clio 182
Sounds good mate, I find the leather seats nice and comfy, a little warm withthe weather we have had :p need to sand my steering wheel down a little as it has melted haha :p does is have cruise co trol and speed limiter?

Haha well at least you would get a free wash along woth the interior of you car ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  2014 Clio 200t edc
What a fun read mate. Love what you've done to it, really is a credit to you.
Sensible people (not me) would say don't waste your money but when you've got a finished product like this how can you not?
Keep us informed with any other updates.
Id imagine with how well he's put this together it would appeal to a younger driver looking for a 182 replica.

Bet you get a few boy racers at the lights trying to tempt you into a race lol
Cheers guys. Had this for 3 years now! Got another project going off with a BG182 I've bought and equally sinking as much money in here:

But yes. I have had quite a few people trying to initiate a race or tailgate me no end (a lot more than your average car) everyone who's seen it always thinks it's an actual sport, unless the keen eyed spot the sunroof (; it can hold its own on the road being a 1.4 rather than the 1.2. Obviously not a rocket but it's got a personality.

It'll be up for sale toward the end of the year as I fully move into the 182. At this point it's still FSH with only 51K on the clock so not bad! Just under 20K in 3 years and ££££ spent.
Well last than a month now and it'll no longer be in use! I'll move onto/into the 182. Gave it a blast over with some detailing stuff! Only on 53K and still going strong. Served me well!





A lot of blood sweat and literal tears went into this, tons of memories too! Gonna be hard letting the first ever car go :confounded:

Enjoy the last photos of it!