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Joes 1.4 16v Clio Sport Replica. Pic Heavy

Right, one of the main reasons why I joined this site is to post my clio project in here! I have to admit if this website didn't exist I more than likely wouldn't even bother doing this, but im glad I am, so here it goes. This is unfinished as the date of this first post but its going to be updated regularly!

My History:

- Im 21, 22 in July.
- This is my First car!
- Bought this for 1400.
- Bought Late (around Nov-Dec) 2012.
- Not Much of a boy racer, never even bothered with cars in my life until owning this.
- Pretty much a no0b to the whole car scene, friends and family are helping me out with understanding Mechanical things haha!
- I only earn around 600,700quid a month, after bills and essentials that leaves me around 400 to spend on the car, ive been doing this every month since January 2013.
- The only things I do is Work and go to the gym 5 Days a week, I don't need the car to get to work I can walk its that close, Gym I need the car, so the car is simply for pleasure use only!

Car History:

- 2 Previous owners, first being a mother bought from new who then sold to Daughter who just needed a bigger car, then sold to me!
- 53 Plate but on its "Birth Certificate" the car was conceived in early Jan 04'.
- Only done 32K Miles since! (I bought it with 32k on the clock)
- Has all documents and history from new, and ive learnt from this that.. this cars never seen over 5K miles in a year.. ever.

Car Spec:

- 1.4 16v Dynamique Model.
- LimoBlack Tint sunroof.
- 15" Alloys
- Bucket sport but not leather seats.
- Silver dash, gear stick and clock dial trim.
- The only problems ive encountered so far while owning is the Hazard Switch needed replacing (apparently a regular fault),
The Spark Plugs are that old that they've become weak, the weakest one not so long back went on me, making the car shake ridiculously when engine is on and it would struggle hard to reach over anysort of revs over 3k, These have been changed along with the Cambelt all for 200squid! (Older brothers childhood best mate is now a senior Renault Mechanic).
- Had its MOT done not so long ago, the only thing it failed on was my Drivers side tyre was illegal.

Reason for doing this!

- This is my first car, and for a first car this is pretty much brand new. Cars never seen over 5K miles a year, been owned by 2 female drivers whove pretty much used it as a shopping car so its never been abused.
- Don't get me wrong ive looked into buying 172s and 182s, not so long back I was one click away from buying a 182 Cup pack, Decided against it as the guy didn't know whether it was a cat C or not? after almost doing this ive had serious talks with friends and family and come to the conclusion:

This is my first car, I don't like to speed but I do like to rev high and go from 0-50 like a beast, theres absolutely nothing wrong with the car, its a decent motor and being a 1.4 its very nippy. I haven't even drove for a year yet and the way I drive now.. to put me in a 172 or 182 would almost defo kill me. Im going to make this car to what I want and how I want it, love it and cherish it. and after a few year in this bad boy when ive got the experience to handle something with a lot more kick.. ill do it. But until then! this is MY 1.4 and ill have this for a looong time yet!

So here is my 1.4 Clio Project!

Here it is the day of purchase! Not Bad.

Since then Ive done a little tidy and got Heko Wind Deflectors and a whole bunch of cleaning stuff as a car present!
Also done the nooby mistake of putting 2.00L Bullets on, only done this as I want the Chrome bullets, black and chrome :p


Got to admit that the chrome bullets have made a huge difference. That along with the Wind Deflectors.
At this point I didn't really know what to do, I loved the look of it, but im big on my music, cant live without it. Before this car I was a dedicated Bus w**ker and if I forgot my headphones.. Day was ruined. So! I invested in a Vibe 1300w Sub&amp combo, sounds beastly as you would expect from anysub! and yes these are the only things that live in my boot..


Now ive got the sub Im not sticking to CDs.. Got rid of the standard (but still kept it!) CD player, and invested in this badboy.. set me back 200, but damn it was worth it.. Things a Parrot Asteroid, first ever car radio to be Android powered, got a load of built in apps in it like google maps etc, don't use it, only bought it because its made for iPhone, thing picks up my whole library and plays everything like you see, plus if I click the white "speak" button, I just have to shout a band or album and name and boom, thing searches my phone, finds and plays it! Nice! Has tons of settings, so many to tweak the sound that I don't even understand half of it, I can even adjust the sub from this thing with an added option of SuperBass which is just friggin stupid but yeah! .. Excuse the dust. I like to keep my car clean but I work a lot so half the time its either clean or ditched.


That's my sounds sorted! It really does sound like your typical boy racer stupid bass and stupidly loud car now. Just how I like it, love blasting tunes out riding past my old bus ;)
Theres one thing I DEFO wanted doing, no matter what, no matter what anyone said, I wanted it. Tinted windows, was going to get LimoBlack but went down to Dark Smoke, as the cars black and tiny to begin with it looks limo black but its not, you can just make out things inside if the suns shining through.. and here it is! Went to the guy from UK Tintz in Nottingham. Sound guy! let me off 20pound for coming the same day I phoned haha.
Heres the Beast Before: (excuse the sticker, the sticker is now long gone, lasted a month. Loved it for a whole 2 weeks then Meh, DeathMetal band Carnifex haha)

Also ive bought cheap but effective chrome plates that go over my lights if you haven't noticed. I Love these! think they look well good, like a cheap rip off but look better version of Lexus lights haha!


And Heres After! Very much impressed, though this photo don't do it justice, to see this in person, car looks beastly! Just pure black and chrome!


Anyway at this point I thought I was pretty much done, there was a few things I wanted to change, like the stupid hoooge grey plastic strip on my rear bumper.. was going to get my brother to colour code the badboy seeming hes a painter/Airbrusher. but after a long time ebaying I just couldn't resist and bought...


Things great! However.. it does have some major parts on it that are just ditched, paint cracking on sides, deep scratches here and there..

took it round to my brothers as a working present for him.. wasn't impressed.. but heres what it looks like at the moment.

All rubbed down and Primered ready to be painted. Excuse his 17" Fiesta ST wheels sitting there, hes got his own Fiesta Project going off ;)
Also! in this picture on the left hand side you will see that I bought some Monaco Blue (they were lol) 182 Door handles for 12quid + P&P. Brother told me to get them as theyre already painted and they'll be easy for him to colour code. so eventually they'll also be painted and put on the car.

Seeming that im Colour coding door handles I have to colour code the Grey side strips down the doors..
and so I have!


At this moment in time only the side strips are colour coded. Got to wait until next payday so I can buy some paint for my bro to do the handles and rear bumper.
Also about 2 weeks ago I seem to have had more money than usual so went abit mental and bought!


The 172 Wide wings and Sideskirts! Got to wait until I get the front sport bumper before I change any of this, so for now theyre sitting in the garage.
At this moment in time, im loving the car and im loving the thought of what its going to become! Although one things getting to me.. that silly lie of the 2.00L Bullet badges, yes they look amazing but quite simply its not a 2.00L, im proud of it being a 1.4, its got quite a nippy beastly speed on this already as standard.. so im becoming a proud owner of this 1.4 and turning it into a 1.4 16v sport.. so im putting these colour coded chrome/Silver Bullets on! Staying true to what I own! :cool:


Ended up buying a cheap 40quid RS Steering wheel.. Right thumb grip is battered but hey ho doesn't really bother me.. yet.

Ive noticed since changing the wheel that this one is for some reason ALOT lighter, also I have to turn more exaggeratedly to turn sharp corners, but with me being a male, aged 22 and playing a lot of games through my entire life, especially GTA series I think I can handle it haha!
Also as you can see it didn't come with the RS insert so had to get that separately for only 8quid.. and here it is!

Little things like changing the steering wheel can impact in a huge way of how you feel and see you car, with this on I just feel like im in a proper sport now, I know im not. but technically I am, my 1.4 Sport ;)

Now something im not sure on! I loved my chrome silly lexus lights but ALOT of other people didn't.. everyone told me to take em off or paint them black? I loved them but gave into peer pressure and got these.. I think after the sport bumper is on these are going to stand out and make it look even more sportier from the rear.. what do you guys think? Theyre ALOT brighter and clearer than the old standard ones too..


And that's all ive done so far! and that's only 3Kish miles since owning it! Gone probably abit mental but im not even half done with this!

So a quick recap of where im at as of now!

Current Modifications:

- Wind Deflectors.
- 1.4 16v Chrome Bullets.
- Dark Smoke Rear Tint windows.
- Rear Lights changed to Black Lexus style.
- Colour Coded Side Strips.
- Sub and Amp.
- RS Steering Wheel.
- New Sound Head Unit.

Modifications Waiting to be Done:

- 172 Rear Bumper to be fitted.
- 172 Wings to be fitted.
- 172 Sideskirts to be taken to a Pro to fit.
- Colour Coded Door Handles.

Future Modifications:

- 172 Front Bumper w/ Grille.
- 172 Interior.
- 182 16" Gunmetal Grey Alloys.
- Painted Red Brake Calipers.
- MAYBE! 182 Spoiler. Not fussed.

Future Engine/Performance Modifications:

- Ktec 182 Look Exhaust. (Don't slate im having this, no ones changing my mind, I know theres no noise or any real performance changes I just NEED it haha)
- Ktec Pipercross Viper Induction kit (Need opinions?)
- Engine Remap (Mainly to get a little more Torque for when I pull off)
- Strut Brace (Yes I know these are 100% Pointless for me, im wanting purely to make my engine bay look abit more :cool:)
- Lower by 30-35mm. (Ned advice on this one! Where to get springs, which ones for my make and model etc etc.)

And so far... I think that would be it! but you never know some ideas from here I may add to this shopping list.
I need more photos of the car as a whole, but right now its ditched and well yeah, special looking aha.

Also before I start making serious changes to the car, which is probably around now im going to have to switch insurance companies. Got a really good quote from Admiral, with all mods ive just mentioned and got, a month it would be 98Quid. Which is amazing for me right now, couldn't ask for anything better. Need to get on that ASAP.

This will be updated Regularly for when I get parts and change it. which will be a few times each month. Id say this car will be finished in around 6 months time, if that!

Opinions, Advice and comments welcome!
Great little project. For me, get some standard lights. I don't want be harsh but they aren't nice. The ktec exhaust is cool. It'll really make it look like a good rep I doubt anyone will slate you for that. Don't bother with an induction unless you want noise. And a remap? £300 for like 3 horsepower and no gain!? You have to be mad. Oh and lowering it. A lot of people get springs. Then want lower so think instead of the remap. Coilovers :) I'm gonna subscribe cos I like where this could go
Right quick update, slow progress..

Had this for ages, just didn't bother to mention it, although today I was reading up on RS Grill fixings, apparently its easy, I thought you had to remove the whole front bumper but wrong I was, broke one of the fixings holding it down, the others fine but it will probably break when I take it off for the second time -_-

Does make quite a difference I must admit. I was waiting until I got the sport front bumper until I fitted it but oh well, things just need to happen.

Speaking of the sport bumper, I bought this! should be expecting it somepoint next week, this is the eBay shot:


And that's it! Sport body kit complete! just waiting on it to all be fixed, however!

Qs 1: I have the sport front bumper and wings (not fitted).. do I NEED the arch liners? I don't have the sport ones.. how bad is this?
Qs 2: Sport sideskirts.. yes I have all 16 clips, yes I know they go on the sill, yes I know they need to be drilled in.. BUT where abouts on the sill, I cant think of any sort of professional body shop who can do this and this needs a pro to do, if I drill one wrong plate in and its too high or low or don't line up with the skirt then.. great. Any help or advice would be nice!

Also got some RS Sill plates. Got the pair but only got one shot;


And thought id take advantage of the sun and give the car a good clean and wax. Subtle mods so far make it stand out but it pretty much at the moment is still bog standard. Not bad looking though!


Did all this cleaning like 5 days before I fitted the RS Grill, fitted the grill today. Cars still clean but soaked in tree sap. Shiny as balls but rough as sandpaper all over haha.


And its payday tomorrow! although a big chunk of funds has gone on the sport front bumper.
So this months to do list is:

Getting both front brake pads changed, I pretty much have to emergency stop to slightly stop. I hear grinding when I do brake, they are worn seriously down. Membership
Buying a stainless steel tow eye (thinking of permanently keeping it in, cars rocking black and silver, slight silver nose ring sticking out would be a nice subtle effect I think)
New wiper blades as these ones im using are so old they just smear sh** all over the place making my vision even worse.
Buying some black paint for my bro to paint the 172 Rear bumper and colour code door handles.
Buy some red brake caliper paint.
Black out them horrid rear drums. Less we can see the better.

and hopefully!
Fitting the 172 bumper, front bumper and wings (not sure on skirts yet, the idea is daunting if I cowboy job it).
That's this months (June) to do list.
Next month is tax month so about 200smackers going on a full years tax. Bstards.

Slowly I can see this car becoming proper sexy looking ;)
i love it mate, I shouldve got the light smoked windows... mine are 20%. Changes the look a hella lot. Some people dont like it but All to their own. i love it
Quite a big update today!
Got quite a few things to talk about, especially how at one point I wanted to buy a noose and hang myself from a tree. but we'll get to that.
Got a present in the post today! here the sexy thing is!

Couldn't just stuff this in the garage along with everything else I own, so I rang up my brother and asked whether hes bored and wants something to do.. something he will later on regret agreeing to.
So I packed the whole thing up to drive down to him, packed up so hard I was practically sniffing the windscreen, back straight, knees up either side of the steering wheel, most uncomfortable drive in the world.

Hated every second of that drive, boy racers pulling up next to me looking through to see me practically kissing the windscreen with my back straight chest touching the steering wheel ..
Anyway pulled up on his drive which has a lower dip for us to stand in.. kinda use it as a ramp haha.
Took the RS grill off and finding all the bolts we needed to get off. Every bolt seemed 40000cm long -.- Heres the brother in action:

And heres the front end with just the bumper off! After about 50 screws later..

Heres the original bumper compared the sport one:

Next we attempted the wings! Now theres bolts literally everywhere all over the place for these things..



From memory I think, theres 2 on the bottom, 1 holding the arch liner in, another holding the arch liner to the bumper, 2 on the inside door and 3 on top..
THE THIRD BOLT! is UNDER the plastic trim at the top, under the washer trim.. and in order to get to that bolt we need to take the plastic trim off, and in order to take the plastic trim off we need to take the wipers off.. Now the wipers.. unscrewed.. never taken off since factory fitter.. WD40'd, Elbow grease, tapping with hammer.. things would NOT budge! AT ALL, not even slightly come loose.. and we need to get to that bolt to take the friggin wing off! Brother comes out with a crow bar, attempts but fails, I have a crack it, going at it.. Nothing.. then I noticed.. CRACKED THE MOTHER F836ING WINDSCREEN! Turns out the windscreen actually goes quite abit down pretty much sitting next to the wipers under the plastic.


At this point I just want to kill myself, give the car to my brother and ill just drive away in his Fiesta. Rang a window guy he knows.. 185quid fitted for a new windscreen, with sensors. Hating life chronically now, so far including the parts ive spent quite abit on this just changing the front bumper scenario has pretty much come up to 500quid spent. Niceeee.
Have to wait until next payday to get a new windscreen fitted, ive been told I can leave it for a while if it don't grow, might get away with it for a few good month yet but id rather get it over and done with, or im gonna take a hammer to it as the sights annoying me.

Anyway don't ask how, but after a lot of crying and moaning then acceptance that im a t**t and its already done, no point crying anymore. we got it off.
By now its taken us around 2 and half hours to get to this stage. probably 3.

Needless to say the otherside was pretty easy, knowing exactly what we're doing and what to do, took about 15 mins to take off, other than the first one which took a good 45 mins.
And then boom! stuck the wider wings on, then front bumper and here is the final result! Minus cracked windowscreen -.-'



And that's it for todays update!
Apart from the cracked windowscreen -.- the only problem I now have is the Arch Liners, yes they suck. Just bought the sport ones and now waiting on the to be delivered!
So the next update ill show how horrible my wheels look with arch liners hanging out all over the place and not even fitting properly.. at all.

So the Next Mods are:

Arch Liner
Spray Back bumper and get it fitted
Fit Sideskirts.
Skoda Splitter

Future mods:

182 Alloys
Brake Caliper paint.
30mm lowering springs.

Very far away future mods:

Cup spoiler
RS interior
Air filter
182 Look exhaust.


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Why don't you get your windscreen done under your car insurance? Will cost around £70 if you do and doesn't affect your NCB

I was wondering this, but don't you have to have Glass Cover under your insurance or does it come standard? to be honest I have no idea what my insurance includes at the moment. Planning on changing companies soon.
Looking good man! I'm so jealous of the sport bumper - always looks good in the black.
I always say it - i'd kill for a Ph1 sport front in my cars colour.

did you spray your side strips yourself? How'd you find it if so?
Looking good man! I'm so jealous of the sport bumper - always looks good in the black.
I always say it - i'd kill for a Ph1 sport front in my cars colour.

did you spray your side strips yourself? How'd you find it if so?

To be fair ive seen quite a lot of PH1s on here that look pretty damn good! better than mine.
You could just buy a ph1 sport bumper and get it colour coded, might set you back something silly but at least you don't have a friggin cracked windowscreen -.-'

For the side strips ive got 2 pairs.
Bought a colour coded set off the bay, took my old plastic ones off and replaced them.
The old plastic ones my brother took off me in which hes now rubbed down and primered ready to be painted any colour.
They're well easy to take off aswell surprisingly.
Good little write up and it looks clean enough. I wouldnt even bother spending a penny on performance modifications though, it will never be quick.

To be fair ive seen quite a lot of PH1s on here that look pretty damn good! better than mine.
You could just buy a ph1 sport bumper and get it colour coded, might set you back something silly but at least you don't have a friggin cracked windowscreen -.-'

For the side strips ive got 2 pairs.
Bought a colour coded set off the bay, took my old plastic ones off and replaced them.
The old plastic ones my brother took off me in which hes now rubbed down and primered ready to be painted any colour.
They're well easy to take off aswell surprisingly.

Yeah, i'd have to get the bumper, wings and skirts though and then get the absolute lot painted. It'd be a big expense.

Aha, yeah i got a set of ph2 strips and replaced my ph1 strips with them - held onto them though so i can take the ph2 strips off, paint them and have something in their place!
Good little write up and it looks clean enough. I wouldnt even bother spending a penny on performance modifications though, it will never be quick.

I don't know mate, as you already know clios don't weigh anything at all and sure yeah this isn't a 172 or a 182, it'll never compete with the higher spec cars, but with this being a 1.4 its quite quick, bearing in mind most people own a 1.00 or a 1.2, this floors those cars easily. Nothing to be proud of I know haha but it has decent power behind it. More of the "underdog" of the roads in my view (; Even gave my mate in his 1.8 Civic turbo a run for his money in this thing, which shocked both of us!
Power wise I think im only going to have an induction kit, only wanting this for abit of noise, that and it will give me some slight power increase as my original air box hasn't been changed or cleaned out in god knows how long. YEARS.
182 Look exhaust im purely wanting for eye candy only. Damn I love the look of those things.

Like I said by the time ive done with this I probably could've bought a sport AND a 1.2 and I know I wont see half of the money back when its time to sell. But putting me in a sport now will surely kill me, I need more experience on road before I upgrade to anything drastic.
and its my first car, who doesn't go crazy with their first car?

Youre all lucky im not going crazy buying aftermarket stuff trying to make it look like something out of the fast and furious films haha!
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
It's your car, do whatever you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's all experience at the end of the day! Plus it's your time & money :)
Quick update for today.
Somehow managed, no idea how, thing just magically did it, but got the sideskirts to sit on the car with no attachments what so ever haha!
Took advantage of this and got a few shots of how the car would look with the skirt(s) on.
As you guessed they eventually just flopped off.
Me and the brother have the idea of using some glue he knows of, specialty car glue. Use this to stick the brackets on the car rather than drilling holes in my sill that we could easily drill in the wrong spots.
So if we do go wrong we can just "Cheese Wire" the things off and replace it til its right. Better idea then making a dot to dot picture on the car with a drill.

Defo going to need lowering.
Defo needing spacers on the front 2 wheels.

And another cheeky shot of my (at the moment) much loved, cant stop looking at front end!


Ordered a Fabia splitter today.
Things cheaper on ebay rather than the actual skoda site.. by like 2 or 3 quid but still haha.
It's your car, do whatever you want. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, it's all experience at the end of the day! Plus it's your time & money :)

Yes it is matey! haha couldn't agree more.. its also and expensive learning curve! so far the main lesson ive learnt is don't even let your car see a crowbar nevermind take one to it. Nothing good ever happens from crowbars.
Any reason you haven't got your 1.4 bullets fitted?

Yeah brothers painted them as you can see in earlier posts, we put one on but the 2.00L ones currently on are pure Aluminum, theyre much more brighter and reflective, we consoled in this and decided to take the 1.4s off and re paint them in Gloss to get them as close as we can to the 2.00L ones.

Which he hasn't done yet but all in good time. Counting down my last days with my much loved Shiny Aluminum bullets. Hopefully Glossed out they'll look exactly or near enough 99% the same.
Another big-ish update today, not that big thinking about it but anyway:

Got 2 presents in the post today, Fabia splitter and new wiper blades thank god!

Old wiper blades, as I mentioned before probably haven't been changed since factory fit.. instead of clearing the screen they just smear pure crap all over the place.
As for these two things arriving and me being pretty much a handicap when it comes to Mechanics I went down to the brothers once again to get things done! Along the way stopping off at BnQ to buy some self tapping bolts that set me back 7quid! wut? Anyway, old wipers;

And new wipers fitted! Hooray for not being able to see a difference at all! but when it actually comes to the wiping, the difference is amazing (; having a sad moment of happiness and joy that my wipers actually wipe the screen! haha.


Anyway that literally 2 mins to do. Now onto the splitter! Thought id get a before and after shot but I amazingly somehow suck at taking photos aswell! and heres my before shot:


Don't hate. You wish you had these photogenic camera photo taking skills.
Anyway brother took the car right to the edge of his raised driveway.. I also want to point out its quite sunny at this point.


And so we, well he cracked onto work with it! He doesn't get paid for this by the way .. lol.


Then out of nowhere a Monsoon came! and im not exaggerating, this is no shower or rain, this is a pure thunder and lightning monsoon from Thailand, brother has a good idea to carry on working which ended up as a fail, but anyway heres his professional working environment:


Ended up as a fail his working environment, monsoon got worse so we just went inside for abit and checked out some forums on here with people using the fabia splitter. Then looking up the MG ZR, which I unfortunately really like the look of haha.
After the monsoon hit and left we (when I say we I actually just mean him) got the splitter on;

May I also point out that after the monsoon then the sun coming out and drying everything off.. the monsoon actually cleaned my car haha! No idea how buts left it pretty shiny! Not cleaned the car in about 2 weeks now aswell haha!



To be fair we have both agreed its hardly made a difference at all really. I can see a slight difference I suppose but? Glad its on anyway.
At this point we went into his garage, checked out the rear bumper, got nothing to do so he got me to Wet flat it down! so I did;


Looking smooooth! Ready for painting!


And with him got nothing else to do for a good few hours he decided to crack on and paint the thing!
Meanwhile I cant be in the painting environment, just him only. So I went back into his house and pratted around with his dog for abit, heres the outcome of that;
I'd like to point out the last pic my brother did himself later on in the day before you start saying "how old are you lot again" (; hahahaha


We found this hilarious, Kermit the bag stayed on her the quite a long time after this pic haha.
Anyway! Went back down to see that hes done the first coat!


Left him to crack on with the second coat and gloss it all off! Heres the result (Not properly dry yet);


Just waiting on another day to put it on, wet flat it down slightly to get rid of any silicone sitting in the body work and then buff it all off!
Also got the door handles done, didn't get any proper photos but they look nice!


Got a few cheeky snaps of the car so far aswell;


And heres an update on my sexy cracked windowscreen, things defo travelling and this is after 2 days;


My next update will include the rear bumper and the colour coded door handles!
Just got sent a photo of the Door handles all done and ready, as he just said, theyre looking well BlackGold under false lights.. and this is the NV676 black paint code as well!
You can see the old Monaco blue they were originally in on the far left side too. Not a problem as this part of the handle is going to be hidden in the door.

Done this a few days ago, cars been like this for a few days now but heres the update!
Rear Bumpers gone on.
Heres the before pic, as you can tell my front end is completely different than what the rear looked like!


Heres the man himself in action.. again. hahaha


Bumper off..

Shiny ass brand spanking new why is it so shiny? New bumper on:

Couldn't decide whether I liked the rear lights now, like everyone else said, theyre now way too black.. So heres my original Ph2 lights on (with chrome plate) left and the black lexus on right:


Decided to keep the original lights on. anyway got cracking on with double side taping the Renault badge:


and then boom! its on! Don't look half as good as it does in person, its the shiniest car youll ever come across right now;


Ill admit.. the chrome on the lights is probably too much, and although I do like the look of them without it.. its just.. boring! I like my silly chrome lights even if half of you don't, im keeping them on as its something different than what you see standard. if I kept the lights standard it would just look like your standard 172. This is my "Signature" in a way personalization.

Anyway cracked on with the door handles, easy enough to remove much to my bros surprise as usually theyre the hardest.


And then they were on! Hoorah for the worst possible photo in the world award, ill get some better ones on later, but yeah the only plastic trim that now exists on the car is the tiny strip on the rear bumper. Nice.


Nothing much left to do so decided to have a crack at cleaning up the engine bay abit, heres the completely ditched look before;

and heres it getting acid washed down then jet blasted. Not so much TLC went into this job haha.


And a couple more shots of the back:

A Few Updates Since;

- The main and only problem I have with this car is the coils keep going, last night another went on me meaning I struggle to get revs or pick up speed, the car shakes violently and its just horrible. This is the 3rd time this has happened since owning so today I went out and got 4 coils from new for 53quid. Not genuine Renault ones as theyre 58quid a piece. Fitted today and boom! BRING BACK THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Smooth as balls this is now... for now.
- Bought the 182 16" Anthracite? grey alloys off the bay. Need a refurb so that will be in future posts.
- Windscreen crack is a joke, its around 80cm long now, not in one straight line, cracks off in curves and bends, phoned the window man through my insurance so windowman will come next weds to replace the thing for me. by the time they come ill just be driving around with no screen at all.

Current Modifactions as of 17/06/13:
- 172 Front Bumper
- 172 Wings
- 172 Rear Bumper
- 2.00/1.4 Chrome Bullets (Waiting to be re painted)
- 172 Steering Wheel
- Silly but loved chrome plated lights.
- Sub,amp, tinted windows and stereo.

Soon to be Modifications:

- 172 Sideskirts
- 182 Anthracite Grey Alloys
- 172 Front Arch liners
- Stainless Tow Eye (As im rocking black and chrome this I think.. think. Will look good)

Future (don't own but will do soon) Mods:
- Front spacers, thinking 25mm will do the job?
- Eibach? Lowering springs, wondering whether to get the pro spring with a 30mm drop or the non pro with a 35-40mm drop? (off k-tec)
- 172 Interior.

Distant future when I change insurance company Modifcations:

- Ktec Induction kit (for noise and as I stated before slight power increase as my current filter is classed as a classic its just that old and uncleaned)
- 182 Rep twin exhaust, might have to do the 4hour long journey to k-tec to get it fitted properly.
- Battery cover, tidy up the engine bay abit.
- Might even get a proper engine cover and get it painted either black,silver or candy red.
- More things I cant think about or forgot but something will more than likely pop up that ill want to do.

The more this thing comes along the more ridiculous I realize how much im doing and spending on it haha. Oh well.
Great work so far, loving everything but the rear lights, think I'd even prefer the other type you got over them but it's your car do what you like best!

I did my 1.2 into a rep, kind of wasted my money as I changed cars not too many months after but I still think it was worth it and loved the whole project! When doing my passenger wing I managed to do it without taking the plastic trim off.. But it seems a little too much pressure lifting the plastic trim a little and a few days later my screen cracked like yours did. I'll keep my eye on this thread, looking forward to the updates :)
Great work so far, loving everything but the rear lights, think I'd even prefer the other type you got over them but it's your car do what you like best!

I did my 1.2 into a rep, kind of wasted my money as I changed cars not too many months after but I still think it was worth it and loved the whole project! When doing my passenger wing I managed to do it without taking the plastic trim off.. But it seems a little too much pressure lifting the plastic trim a little and a few days later my screen cracked like yours did. I'll keep my eye on this thread, looking forward to the updates :)

Ive got the exact same feeling im going to do the same mate! After ive spent a ton (already have) doing it all up.. once ive completed it I think ill get bored and just get a BG 182, has to be BG. But that will be probably next year before I make that leap. Hopefully I wont and be content with what I have. Also what size spacers did you use for the front wheels? im planning on getting some but no idea on the size.

Can you explain 'Acid washing' the engine bay???

Acid washing haha, my brother gets a lot of proper valet cleaning stuff from somewhere, including a tyre shine that keeps the tyres jet black for months on end. Anyway the Acid Wash is mainly for the alloys, breaks down and completely removes brake dust stuck to the alloys leaving a factory finish as long as you jet blast the acid off afterwards that is haha. Used the same thing in the engine bay, literally cleaned it and left it sparkling within 1 min. Jet hosed it off after though, no worries I haven't destroyed anything haha.
Another update! Hasn't been one in a while but this is what the update is:
Got the 182 Alloys in Anthracite.


Anyway as ive recently had my brakes changed, the garage who done them tightened the bolts back on so hard, the efforts of 2 man powers couldn't even budge the nuts and locking nuts on the car! So I had to drive all the way back down to the garage that did them and get them to loosen em for us!
Heres the thing back in the garage.


Guy loosened them for me, went back to me bros and we got some work going off!

And then we got it looking like a right shed. When I say we, I mainly mean just him, I pretty much stand watch and ask stupid questions lmao.
At this point also notice the Brake Calipers and Rear drums are shockingly rusted. Also colour coded door handles!

Heres the 182 compared to the 15" Dynamique Wheels;


Halfway through brother gets a phonecall that a Fiesta ST is in a local breakers so we left the car looking like a shed and went down to find out the thing was pretty much all burnt out, nothing salavagable from it. Found 2 Clios, PH1 Grande and a 1.2 PH2, no sports.

Anyway came back to paint the Calipers and put the wheels on!

Blacked out the Rear Drums;
Also had a set of Chrome Dust Valves which I put on:


Heres a side by side comparison of old and new:


Boom. Looking LOADS better, now I just need the twin exhaust off Ktec.


The windscreen repair dude came and I now have a new windscreen for 70 smackers. Not bad at all, however.. ive got some HOOOOGE "AUTO WINDSCREENS YAYYYY!" Friggin tax disc holder now. Bought my clio sport membership about a month ago now, maybe more.. How long does it take to come through?! waiting on the tax disc holder I get with the Welcome Pack -_-'


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How much were the 182 alloys mate?

Got them off the bay for 190 Delivered.
However I wish I didn't because as soon as I bought them there were tons of threads on here in the For Sale section of people listing their 182 alloys for a lot cheaper!
Gutted but oh well.

Looks so much better with those new alloys :)

​Been waiting a couple weeks for my club pack too :(

I know man, been waiting for around a month now, if it don't come this week ill have to email the admin as like I said, windscreen has changed and I need that tax disc holder!
Love the build mate, just about to start mine off. Same model as yours! Quick question, does the 182 bodywork not fit our models? And did the 182 alloys fit straight on, or did you need to make any adjustments? Cheers
Love the build mate, just about to start mine off. Same model as yours! Quick question, does the 182 bodywork not fit our models? And did the 182 alloys fit straight on, or did you need to make any adjustments? Cheers

Haha nice one! the 1.4s are little beastly underdog cars to me!

As for the bodywork...

Rear bumper is a straight swap, undo bolts, stick new one on.. sorted. our standard Rear Arch liners are about 1cm smaller (172 rear bumper is slightly wider) but ive left the rear arch liners as the 1cm gap is hardly noticeable.. at all. I only notice it because its my car haha.

If you want the proper siderskirts (pretty much the whole main reason why ive done this but yet the sideskirts aren't even on yet haha) then youre going to need to 172 Mettalic black wings, as the wings compared to ours are ALOT wider and slanted at the bottom to give room for the sideskirts to slot and bolt into place.

If youre going to change the wings then youre gonna have to get the 172/182 front bumper (one of the best mods ive done to this in my opinon, so much smarter, wider more beastly looking). If youre going to do this then you WILL need the 172/182 front arch liners, ours are so much smaller they just hang down and don't even fit into place making it look like a right mess so make sure they are on your lists if you do this!

182 Alloys were again just a straight swap, however if youre going to do the same as me and have to sport body kit then you (im going to have to do it soon) will need to buy wheel spacers for the front 2. No problem with the wheels its just that theyre sunk in quite abit and look lost, need a spacer to bring them back out again!

If you have any more Qs or how to's on how to do something just ask, as ive pretty much gone through it all now haha